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    Articles-cc clarification

    Request to check the word count and cc's awarded for admission articles
    I made the necessary changes in the admission articles and then posted. I find that there are differences in the cc awarded for the articles related to word count. I would just like to know how cc is awarded, curious to know the criteria, nothing else, do not mistake me,

    Jaypee admissions
    Ramaiah admissions
    MITE admissions
    I added little more information in article KLE admissions

    I learnt how use HTML tags and how to link. Thanks Vandana for giving help tips

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    As far as I understand, points credit and cash credit of articles do not entirely depend upon the length or word count of the article. The quality of the article, relevance of the topic, SEO-friendly topic, giving links of related articles and websites, proper presentation, construction of sentences, visual attractiveness, accompanying photos/charts, etc., would definitely bring more points and cash credits.

    I am sure that Editors would also clarify the matter in similar manner.

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    The length of an article is not the only consideration for allocating the cash credits. The incharge of article section may decide basing on the quality of the article, the content, the grammar. the links and pictures given in the articles. The method of allotting CC may depend on the grammar and spelling in the article.
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    The member is a Content Developer and her concern appears to be related to the work she has done in that capacity. Her query is legitimate if it is about work submitted in the capacity as a Content Developer.
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    Word count has nothing to do with the cash credits given for an article. We cannot reveal specifics as such, but generally Partha has given the right answer.

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    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    If the Cash credits and Points has nothing to do with the length of an article, then, why ISC recommend authors to write an article length of minimum 500 words.

    Come up with genuine points. I have seen high yielded niches articles and they are hardly rewarded with 25 to 50 Rupees plus points and I don't think it's not worth writing lengthy article for low CC and points.

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    John Deo,

    The Webmasters have put in the requirement of 500 words so that there is in-depth content and not bare-bone text. We do allow articles with fewer words as in the case of news announcements, admissions and results and have allowed shorter articles too if it is seen that it is something well written and unique and is OK to have as an article of about 350 to 400 words.

    As we said, lengthy articles should have quality to be awarded higher points and cash credits. Please keep in mind that Editors are following the parameters as laid down by the Webmasters.

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