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    It gives me pleasure when it later becomes fashion/trendy.

    I always try to be original and in that way I tried on my own many things and when I see after some time it becomes fashion or trendy in the world really made me happy or pleasure.

    To list few things, I try the way of altering my old dress with some design, attachment etc and later I see that has become trendy or fashion. Not only in hand made things but with technology too, I always try my own video to be shared in social platform like whatsapp/FB etc and I feel happy when I see the same kind of video in youtube too.

    The new way of saying trendy in sharing original thoughts will become fashion and will be permanent compared to sharing of links, others posts etc.,

    So members please get pleasure in creating fashion(trend setters) instead of getting pressure in sharing other's thoughts(copy cats).

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    Although I myself don't give much stress on being fashionable or trendy, I support the view expressed by the author in this thread. Everybody will feel proud an happy if a trend started by him/her becomes popular and fashionable later.
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    Instead of aping others for fashion it is good that we set the trend and let others follow and the author seems to have achieved this success with ease. For that matter every one takes care to start a trend either through hair style, hair looks, dress statement, behavioral statement and even conversing with others through gesturing. I have seen people who could make understand others by just gesturing through eyes or hands without even uttering a word. That is wonderful and interesting too. Secrets can be exchanged without known to others and this would also indulge others to talk in silence through gestures.
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