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    How about giving helmets as return gifts ?

    Sometimes we learn from our mistakes and ensure that others wont do that mistake. Having fined heavily for violating the helmet rule a person thought differently and on his son's marriage he arranged for helmets as the return gift which was unusual and surprised every one who graced the marriage. The funny thing is that those invitees who gave paltry amount in the cover as the cash gift during the occasion were also heavily benefited with a branded helmet. So every guest was happy while returning home. How you rate this rare thought ?
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    Nice thinking, see it is a different thinking is innovative which attracts all the guests and your friends.
    It is mandatory to wear helmet while driving on bikes but some o many are neglecting this and so many are very lazy to buy helmets. So a human has a nature of using gifts whatever IIT is. So if we give helmets as a return gifts then everyone try to wear helmet. And makes a great Change in your guests.
    It will also a thought a great citizen who cares about the accident while driving.
    One more thing due this activity the marriage will become memorable event and may become popular and may be shown on TV and newspaper.

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    I think this is a novel concept. The gift item is no doubt costly (a very good helmet costs a substantial amount), it is useful, different from the gifts given by others and reminds us about the safety. So, we can definitely gift helmets.
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    Not an appreciable gift to the guests attending a marriage function. It is the money wasted . It is a lavish spending. A costly return gift is not required during marriages. All the guests attending the marriage would be possessing a helmet of their own. It would have been ideal to award such a gift to the guest who don't wear a helmet if observed by the host. Instead, on the marriage day, the host should stand in a junction, notice the riders without a helmet and present them a helmet along with a packet of sweet. What I mean is - the needy should be helped with what they need.
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    It is a good idea to give helmet as a return gift to the guests who attended the marriage. But the usefulness depends on the type of people who attended. A man who is able to give a very such a costly gift may be a very rich man. So people who attended function may also be very rich people. (If not all, Majority of them) They never use bikes to commute. So there is no use of giving them helmets.
    Helmet is a safety device which can save our life during accidents, So everybody should make a point to use it. Even though we give free of cost they may not use it because it is inconvenient. You can take a horse to water but you can't make it to drink. Eachone should have the safety consciousness and save their life from unusal accidents.

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    Helmet is a product that should be included in the accessories list of two wheelers. Every two wheeler bought from the show room should be delivered with an ISI certified helmet. Its cost should be included in the on road price. If this can be strictly followed by the manufacturers and agencies, why to depend on the hosts to present a gift on the marriage day? If everyone follow suit, our home will be filled with helmets in our show cases. We don't wish to see a helmet home.

    Good thought, but not very good thought to follow.

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    Useful gifts are always welcome.
    But I concur with Sun. Why helmet is not made a compulsory item to be sold with the vehicle? Recently when the new ration cards were distributed, in the distribution hall I saw a man selling Ration Card Covers. But except a few initial ones no one bought from him, because the ration card came with a laminated cover. So as the protection is inbuilt, there is safety and people need not buy it separately.
    The same method should be followed in vehicle sales. Helmets should be a compulsory item to be sold with vehicles. The car manufacturers /vendors should give helmets including the cost in the car sales price or they should give it as an offer.

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