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    Can we give the link to the external site in article or not?

    What are the rules behind the linking in the article of india
    Please tell me something more information about the link in the article to give the better information about the article.
    1.What are the pros and cons of giving the links in article?
    2.What are the rules for place the link in the article?

    Please give me some information about that.
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    Sukanya, please read the content given under the sub-heading 'Can I give direct links' in the guidelines thread here and also this Help Topic for guidance.

    It appears that despite our many suggestions, you have not yet gone through the guidelines or help topics. Please spare some time.

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    Sukanya - External links are allowed in the article section provided these links are of official websites of government and other private agencies, such that the reader can benefit from the content on the linked pages. You cannot provide links to blogs.

    Please refer to the following communication from the Webmaster regarding the policy change - External Links Policy.

    Mohan, your information is not correct. The policy regarding external links was changed and published in the forum, for all to see.

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    Juana has given the correct response. To explain further - the links given to an external site should be such that they are not promotional in nature (known as spamming). Thus, for example, if I write an article on how to sell a product at a reputed e-commerce site, I can give a link to its policy page, but cannot give a link to any product page. You must also ensure that external links are to reputed sites. For example, I can give links to universities, schools and colleges, but not to a tuition class.

    It is also a good idea to give internal links as it will keep the readers within the pages of ISC. Thus, in a college admissions article I would give a link to the college page.of ISC and could give the external link to the college website at the end, where the contact details are mentioned.

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    Now Ms. Vandana has given a very clear picture about linking external sites to our articles. So everybody can follow this.
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