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    May I know, how to know when I have submitted the first job post in 24 hours.

    Actually, after the announcement for the restriction of job posts within 24 hours, it really becomes difficult for me to learn when I have submitted the first job posts so that I can start entering the job details exactly after 24 hours.
    Let me say to all that it is a good announcement and I too am happy but the restriction for 24 hours is a harsh decision for the job posters if it will becomes 1 day which will start from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm, then I think it will be a superb decision forming an equilibrium in the site.
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    You have already made a similar request in the announcement thread, kindly wait with patience, your eagerness is quite understandable.

    Webmaster may be working out on this issue as few members have made similar requests, it may take time may be attended on priority basis.

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    Respected sir, today morning when I tried to post, it was showing restricted I have reached the limitation, but after 2 pm when I tried it was allowing me to posts the jobs, but suddenly after 6 job Posts it was again showing restricted, is there any problem please check because the webmaster has given 15 job posts in 24 hours and I had only completed 6.
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