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    Tuition and Coaching become a fashion in today's generation

    When we studied there was not a coaching center and we do not go to tuition for any subject. We had done self studies and had participated in all the examinations without any pressure and fear. We are satisfy specially I am satisfy with my studies and I am a self confident person.
    When I see today's generation, I feel there is a lack of confidence though they are smarter than us. Students need tuition from the beginning from Nursery. Tuition and coaching become a fashion in today's generation. There are always pressure and fear of examination. Suicides are caused due to these pressure and fear.
    Due to coaching and tuition which become a fashion, there is a lack of self belief, self confidence, self respect, self study, etc.
    I am not against the coaching and tuition but it should be not from the beginning. We have destroyed the childhood of a child. In high school and higher secondary level, it is understandable to join a coaching center but it is not understandable to send your children for tuition from the beginning i.e. Nursery.
    Members please share your opinion in this thread.
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    For this trend the parents are responsible, not the children. Parents start sending their children to school from their 3rd year onwards. Once they finish UKg and Lkg and start doing 1st standard, parents start putting pressure on their children. The schools start conducting exams weekly and they give the marks. The parents always wanted their children to be on the 1st only. Once the cross 5th class the competition starts. Corporate schools, IIT stream sections, eligibility tests so o n and so forth.
    If the parents still feel that the boy is not coming up they will start sending him to tuitions It is known that every one in the class can't be first among all.
    Mainly some parents send their children to tuitions to see that they will not have any problem in the house also.
    Everyone will have his own capabilities, memory power and IQ levels. If we force them beyond a point, it will be a torture for them,

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    I fully support the author. The mushrooming coaching centres are definitely a matter of concern. These centres do not make any value-addition of knowledge. These centres teache cramming and indicate important questions. On the other hand, some of the school-teachers don't teach properly in school thinking that the students would manage the study in those coaching centres. Some teachers also run very successful coaching-centre business.

    Education has truly become a money-spinning business.

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    Yes I agree with the author that student and parent are being convinced to go for tuition or coaching so that one step ahead performance can be guaranteed due to personal attention at the tuition center. But what I feel that some teachers are very shrewed and they want to make money out of weak students by recommending tuitions and thus the parents also feel that a personal attention by the same teacher would fetch better result for their children. That is the reason being so we can see so many tuition centers and coaching hubs in big cities and towns. If the student is attentive in class there is no need for tuitions or coaching.
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    The Coaching and Tuition classes are necessary for the students of these days.The courses are too vast ,assistance at home is needed.Some parents are not able to teach their children at home.Coaching and Tuition teachers have teaching techniques. They solve the problems of students easily. It is a type of assistance by teachers.These day Pre-Primary School teachers have teaching skills .They provide motherly support to children.
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