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    Is Intelligence Quotient (IQ) a reliable factor to identify genius?

    Today I have seen a news-item. It states: "This 11-Year-Old Indian Origin Boy Has An IQ Score Of 162, Higher Than Albert Einstein And Stephen Hawking". Not only today, I have regularly noticed such news-headings.

    So, I have been thinking. I have found that IQ is a measure of a person's reasoning ability. It is supposed to gauge how well someone can use information and logic to answer questions or make predictions. IQ tests begin to assess this by measuring short- and long-term memory. It also measures how well and how quickly people can solve puzzles and recall information they've heard/read.

    The average IQ is 100. Once upon a time, I used to take IQ tests regularly and I could score well above 120 without any stress. Not only me, all my colleagues in my office (who were all young and joined the service after clearing gruelling all-India examination), used to score well above 120.

    I feel that the standard IQ tests check our alertness and these are basically speed tests. I don't feel such tests can identify the genius. So, I don''t give much importance on the news-items mentioned above.

    I would like to know the considered view of other Members on this issue.
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    I take intelligence as knowing stuff. Because that's exactly what it originally suggests. The more you know, the more intelligent you are. And I think it's natural for children to score more in such tests because they're always so curious.
    IQ tests are merely a test of common sense, for all I understand they aren't even testing your intelligence.
    But surely the younger generations are growing and expanding their minds to miraculous levels. We as a species are evolving constantly. So there is a probability that in future IQ level of 120 might become a base level.

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    IQ is one of the factors to identify the genius but it is not the only factor. The more you know the information, the higher intelligence. These days younger generation is having lot of exposure to various information sources. Their IQ levels will definitely more than the older generation, They have exposure to smart phones, television and internet, through which, basing on their curiosity, they can get lots of information about various aspects which makes their IQs to go to higher levels. EQ is also a important factor which describes about the abilities of the individuals.
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    #602134 very well said sir! EQ =emotional quotient. The comprehension of the opposite person's feelings.
    I think one should maintain an healthy EQ. We end up offending atleast one person everyday. How not to be offensive and be socially accepted? By maintaining a good EQ. Well Einstein's IQ was pretty high. But how many friends did he have? In the society we live, we must stress more on developing our EQs than our IQs.

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    IQ test checks for ones alertness, logical approach, information updates, overall awareness etc. If a person is having good score in IQ it could be due to his good memory and retention because many IQ tests in psychology are based on that parameter.

    If a person is having good IQ it does not bring him in the category of genius. A genius person will have originality in thinking and will be exploring new things. He will not be satisfied with the stuff in hand. He will always be in hunting spree for new ideas. On the other hand a knowledgeable person will have a large amount of knowledge packed in his brain or notes but we can not call him genius until he is able to use that knowledge to find and invent new ideas.

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    Though scientifically or logically I am not able to dispute, personally I do not believe Intelligence Quotient (IQ) a reliable factor to identify genius.

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    So, I think I am correct. There is no direct relationship between high IQ and genius. Various other factors are also important to identify the genius.
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    Those who are having good Intelligence Quotient are considered to be genius and that comes from the genes of the family. It is really astonishing that some children are prodigy from the kid itself and they try to ask such questions to embarrassment of the parents and thus they try to learn as much as possible and that will increase the Intelligence Quotient. Those who are well versed with aptitude test from their childhood period itself, they are suppose to perform well in any competition or IQ exams. It is really interesting that Indians are being rated as number one when compared to Einstein and Hawking.
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    Mr. Mohan: This thread is not related to Genetics or Heridity. This thread discusses the relationship between IQ and identifying a genius.
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