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  • Category: Announcements Birthday celebrations - We are 10 today!

    Dear Friends,

    Raise a toast! has completed a momentous 10 years. I am sure you all must be very excited to have been part of the journey. We would like to thank each one of you for your invaluable contributions which made ISC survive intense competition all these years. Keep the ISC flame shining very bright!

    Let us also take this opportunity to thank our wonderful Webmasters - Timmy Sir, for giving us this site and Tony Sir & Jose Sir for their steadfast guidance & support.

    To celebrate this birthday month, we will be issuing badges and commending members with awards.

    Come....celebrate, everyone, the wonderful magic of ISC!
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    Wow! It's huge. I congratulate everyone on this occasion. It feels great to be around here. I will be looking forward for the badges and competitions.
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    Wishing India Study Channel a very Happy Birthday! Let me, without taking any names, extent my greetings to all the members, active or otherwise, of this great site on this special day! Thank you Webmasters for giving us this wonderful platform and thank you members for your commitment and time to keep this site going and moving to further heights! Let us join the celebration!
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    It is really a proud moment. Our site, Indiastudychannel, is 10 today. Happy day to all of us. We all should celebrate the occasion. The cooperation extended by webmasters and editors to all the members is excellent. That is why many senior members are able go long way. Similarly all the senior members are extending their guidance and support along with the Editors to the junior members so that they get along in the site. This is heartfelt congratulations to all concerned in the site. I hope we all will go together much more years with site and we all will have a very fruitful association with the site.
    always confident

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    Congrats everyone. I am new to this site; even in the small period of a fortnight, I have been hugely benefited. It has been a very good learning experience. It feels good to learn and earn at the same time. I hope this wonderful site continues its good work for many more years to come.Cheers.
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    Great occasion and a matter of pride for all ISCians.

    You are very right that internet is a place of cut throat competition and if a site is able to survive then the credit goes to it's management, editors in different capacities and the contributing members.

    I wish ISC to complete the next decades also with much more glory and success.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulations! My humble and true wish to this wonderful site for completing 10 long years. It happens because of members who even after getting offended by the admin, continue their love for this site. But! what now? Is there we going to see any changes in the working style of ISC admin or the same attitude will continue? An attitude to prove themselves powerful and greater than the members?

    My post's answer will show the mirror of the admin's future working style.

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    Well done. ISC has done its Ten. It is a pride for me to have 6 1/4 years service in ISC which is 10 years old. I wish ISC to grow more and more and live as long as the earth rotates. My hearty congratulations to Timmy , Jose and Tony for keeping the site in a way that makes everyone to love ISC. May God bless ISC and the ISCian.
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    Happy birthday ISC, I wish and pray that this site grows more bigger than now and spread everywhere across the country.
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    Wishing India Study Channel a very warm Happy Birthday! May God bless ISC and the ISCians.
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    Happy birthday ISC, Being a part of ISC has been a wonderful journey till now and I have benefited a lot from it in terms of enhancing my language skills and knowledge, and I wish ISC and all to grow more and help more people with their language skills and knowledge.
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    Wow it is the wonderful occasion for the ISC members by this occasion. Completing the 10 years of ISC can be the wonderful occasion for the members.
    ISC is the best site to join and share the information world wide.Wish you a Happy Birthday.

    Reguards -

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    This is indeed incredible. Congratulations India Study Channel on completion of 10 glorious years. May you grow to amazing heights and achieve more fame.

    I wish the Webmasters the very best of success. God bless you, your families and your team.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Happy birthday to INDIAN STUDY CHANNEL.CONGRATULATIONS to all the active members of ISC. I wish this site grows well and become the best site in the world in future by the wellness of the member's coordination and mutualism.

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    Happy Birthday India Study Channel! Wishing ISC for successful years ahead. Congratulations Webmasters for providing one of the best site in India. God bless you all!!

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    My greetings and Best Wishes to ISC and members of ISC on completion of a decade.

    I express thanks to the founder web masters-Tony, Timmy and Jose for raising this 'institution'. Grateful remembrances of all those who added value to the site with their contributions at various period from day one. Special thanks and wishes to those who are there from the start and still continuing ; and those who consistently remain with the site from their joining ISC.

    Let the web site stay,serve and shine for many many years .

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    I have a small request to all, since it is a major milestone for ISC: Please do post your testimonials in this thread as a tribute to ISC.
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    Happy Birthday to ISC on 10 th birthday and wishing its more success in coming years. I am new member to ISC but in this small period I learned a lot, participated in events, grabbed prizes and enjoyed my journey with ISC. In this celebrating moment I want to congratulate the webmaster, the editors and admin panel for their constant effort to make it great experience for me. Thank's a lot.

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    My hearty congrats to India Study Channel on completing 10 glorious years and I am glad to be part of it for the past 8 years and going. I can understand the hard work done by three webmasters who striven hard to keep this site performing and continuing the highest tradition of quality and transparency. By the way the site has nearly 10 lakh members which works out to 1 lakh members per years which is the great going among such educational sites across the country. Moreover our members have good rapport as creative writing members., some members have the ability to share good thougtful messages in this forum. Celebrate the glory of this site.
    K Mohan
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    I congratulate the Webmasters, the Editors, the Content Developers and the Members of this great site on the occasion of the 10th birthday. Wishing this great site more prosperity and popularity.
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    After some gap when I logged into ISC yesterday and searched for some of my posts I read one celebration thread where we have given our poem as a birthday celebration and thought what a coincidence that we are going to celebrate it tomorrow with a thought there may be something for this birthday too.

    My footer itself is always celebrating ISC only and also I wish every member of this great site on this good day.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    My hearty wishes to India Study Channel for celebrating its well deserved 10th Birthday by reaching great heights with great popularity in web world through its sincere approach. I am very proud and delighted to see that I am a regular contributor to this great portal for the last six years of its 10 years existence. I wish Indiastudychannel to celebrate such many many more birthdays with increasing popularity. I Congratulate Mr. Timmy, Mr.Tony, Mr.Jose, Ms.Vandana, Editors, Content Developers and the ever enthusiastic members of this site on this happy occasion.

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    Happy birthday my dear ISC! Feeling very happy that I am one of the member of this site who is still happily associate since last 6 years. Want to say thanks to all the webmasters for creating this wonderful platform to learn and earn.

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    Congratulations ISC, my home since last 8 years, wishing ISC is like wishing ourselves.

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    Happy Birth day India Study Channel. I want to thank Tony sir, Timmy sir and Jose sir to give me a nice platform to share my knowledge and also to earn some extra money. I have learned many things from this channel within my journey of six years. I have improved my English in a level where I can talk to any body without any hesitation. I have got Google Adsense approval through this site. So thanks again ISC. Hope this journey will continue with some more fun and excitement.
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    I congratulate ISC and the webmasters for the completion of 10 glorious years of ISC's existence. I consider myself fortunate enough to be associated with this wonderful site. The last two and half years or so of my association with ISC has been a fruitful one for me. I am sure it is the same for many other members too. On this very special occasion, I wish for greater success to ISC and to the complete team of webmasters, editors and members in all future endeavours too.
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    My hearty Congratulation to IndiaStudyChannel (ISC) for celebrating its well deserved 10th Birthday and wish to achieve 100 glorious birthday in the web world
    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    As we are the members of this site , Its our Birthday also I think. But the credit goes to Timmy sir, Tony sir, and Jose for this wonderful site. I wish this site should grow more and every body should know about this site at all corner's of world Infosys, Wipro etc. Because When I say that I am a member in this site and earning most of them give negative comments about it. So I wish in next few years these comments should vanish. Hearty Congratulations to this site. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to this site. Proud to be a member in this site.

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    Congratulation to all members as Indiastudychannel had completed 10 Years. Heartily congratulation to Timmy sir, Tony sir, and Jose for giving us the opportunity to earn good income from home with help of unique concept. Hope more advanced feature and new innovation will be implement in ISC website in order to take this into next level of earning where member can earn 80 times more than what they are earning now.
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    I wish our India study channel a very happy birthday! Like everyone i too feel very excited and proud being a part of this family. Hope this saga and legacy continues with flying colours. A simple thought of a webmaster or inventor of this website whoever may be, I thank him for his dedication, and hard work put on this website that brought us all together to make it a leading educational website and an earning tool for all of us.

    Wishing ISC more success in future and i promise that ill contribute to continue as a part of this growing family.

    Venkat Satish Mamidisetti,
    Power Plant Operations Engineer.

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