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    Things I learnt today from E. Sreedharan, The Metro Man

    Today, I have read a good interview about E. Sreedharan who is commonly known as 'Metro Man' due to his principal role in Kochi, Konkan and Delhi Metro.

    He wakes up early at 4.30 am and starts his day. He read Srimad Bhagwat Gita about 45 minutes.
    Because of principles of Gita, he always remains positive about his life and works that he does.

    He does yoga and Pranayam to keep his body fit. He always reaches the office before everyone arrives at the office place.

    He was transferred about 25 times in first 15 years in his railway job and still, he sees it was a positive period of his life.

    Hats off to this man, who teaches us following principles.

    1. Wake up early and start your day. You will have more hours to do
    2. Reading helps to keep you on track
    3. Always do Yoga and Pranayama
    4. Never complaint about bad things
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    Mr.E.Sreedharan, The metro man is very famous for his discipline. He is looking after Amaravathi Metro and Vizag Metro also.
    It is always good to follow such famous persons.
    Early to wake up and early to bed is always a suggestion by all elders.
    Reading is a good habit. It increases your Knowledge.
    Yoga and Pranayama are always good for health.
    Being away from bad things always better.
    If one follows all the four points, they will be successful in life.

    always confident

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    The Metro Man is a visible man. Being a man at an elevated platform, all his activities are noticed and published. There are many non Metro Men who are not visible to others. In ISC itself we have such a man who is Mr. Mohan who wakes up at 0430 hrs and follows a good routine. Can we say that Mr. Mohan is an ISC man equal to the Metro Man.

    Waking up in the morning, reading holy books, performing Yoga, thinking good is very common in most of the men and women of our country. We need not learn this from Metro Man Mr. E Sreedharan, but also from many other Men who are with us.

    No life without Sun

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    It is good that you have reminded us regarding this extraordinary person through your thread.
    Metro man Mr E Shreedharan is an exceptional person. He is a person not to be affected by the hindrances that come in his way. He has shown an example that good quality and top class job can be performed even within so many constrains and red tapism in the Govt machinery. When a person wants to do a good job there is hue and cry from all quartes but when that job is successful same people start praising that personality.

    In that perspective he has done remarkable progress in the Metro projects and he is determined to maintain it same way if he is entrusted these projects.

    Govt has also realized his hard work and acknowledged it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In this thread, the author has brought out four good things that he has learned from the Metro Man. We need to discuss it. Not the name and fame of the Metro Man E Sreedharan or his proficiency and efficiency.

    No life without Sun

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    In short, the traditional , time tested life style followed by our ancestors and even the previous generation elders is still worth living and following.

    A lot has happened after the 24 hours TV channels became popular and the mobile phones found a place with us in our bed.

    There are some people like Mr Sreedharan who can resist the modern day distractions and control them rather than allowing them to control the person.

    The irony and sorry state of affairs is that all the ancient wisdom from this nation somehow found its way out and now it is bought back by us for a price under various brand names. Many people like Sreedharan still remind us that all is not gone and still we can recoup if we follow with respect the old, traditional wisdom and values.

    Definitely Sreedharan is a person, other government servants and employees can emulate and hold as icon. One of a species fast becoming rare.

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    Somee people are habituated to live contented and successful life and Sreedharan is one among them. What I feel that if one becomes professional and fully trust worthy, he has the liver of taking certain action for the benefit of the Corporation for which he works. Having got wide experience through many Metro projects, he is maintaining that coolness as the projects are going on as expected and no setbacks. Moreover for such persons getting a government sanction or extension of time to complete the project is also easy and hence he is the winner all time in every project.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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