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    This kind of spamming should not be encouraged

    I use the word 'spamming', for lack of another word to describe my concern. Maybe, I should call it unsolicited messaging, because that is what some posts appear to be.

    ISC has a strict policy against spamming, but I see it occurring within the forum, on a regular basis.

    For instance, an editor or the webmaster responds to a thread or issues a policy change, and we have a few members responding to the same without adding any value to the thread. A subsequent message from such members states what has already been mentioned and calls upon others to follow the new policy. Is it not the equivalent of spamming?

    There should be a method to stop such methods where the agenda clearly is to score points. It just opens the doors for other members to begin doing the same. Also, it is unfair for those members who do not follow such point earning practices. They stand to lose, in view of what is being allowed,
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    Would you mind to give the URL of such threads where this has happened. It will help us to understand it in a better manner and avoid it if it is much concerned. Whatever you say must be clearly understood by the other members. Let us have transparency in our writings. There shouldn't be a blind post. Always come up with the quotes.

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    When a bride sit in front of the the mirror, she gets busy looking beautiful and prepared herself looking gorgeous. While doing so she forget her surrounding. Then she cared on about only her. ISC editors more concern about their image than this website. They only look for some particular member post, their concentration is that only, to delete his post and let other such post be left without noticing.

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    Your concern is not understood. You see you are not part of the admin and hence cannot act on my suggestion. So, providing URLs at your request would be useless. If you become part of the decision-making team your request would be considered.

    And the purpose of my post is not to conduct lessons for you or for the other members. It is posted as a suggestion to ISC.

    Blind post - The sudden fall of wisdom and knowledge. Were you referring to your own post?

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    We are aware of the phenomena and forum editors have already been doing the needful wherever it is seen. This is occurring even in comments to articles, despite the recent advisory not to do so. It really must stop as new members are getting misguided, following the same path.
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    If a thread is uninteresting or has been initiated just to earn points or against ISC policy it will either die soon due to involvement of limited members or fetch insignificant points as members giving their ideas repeatedly in the same thread are alotted low points or the thread will be locked by editors soon. This has happened many times in past.

    Most of the spamming is addressed in this way. If there is something else which is of concern then probably the editors or management will be devising some way.

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    You posted a common thread. As you wanted some method to stop the practice, I will be able to suggest to overcome such problems, provided you could bring out what went wrong and where. It is always better to lighten up your post brightly rather than showing a dim light on it.

    Let us know who are the spammers.

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    Yes, I have seen it happening in the resource section too. Can you work a way to put an end to this, please?

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    Read the post #602104, which states that the admin is already aware of the problem.

    I am amazed at the level of confidence you display, in your problem-solving abilities. If you want to be of help, you may approach the admin and offer your services. They are the one's who implement changes, hence they are the right people to forward your suggestions to.

    Meanwhile, you can put your skill to good use on your own threads and responses, so they do not go into the delete bin or get locked or score minus points. My suggestion is for you to overcome the things that ail many of your posts, before taking on a big venture of overhauling ISC.

    Editors may please lock this thread.

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    If that is the case, why you raise it in this forum. You could have said it personally to the WM or ME. Why waste a forum thread to deal an issue between ME and Juana! If we know the exact problem, we too can respond to Vandana's request. Make the things clearly visible to all members.
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    Mr Sun, Juana has conveyed the point clearly but you seem to be unnecessarily confused. I will cite an example for better appreciation. Say a member posts a thread asking the reason for a delay in review of his article and a member/ editor has posted a response citing a valid and convincing reason. In such a scenario, posting further responses repeating the same thing in different words and without conveying any additional input does not make any sense and need to be avoided. This is the crux of the point brought forward by the author here. Hope it is clear now!
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    Mr. Editor,
    I got it. Juana has not conveyed it in clear terms. It can be understood only by the erring members. You are perfect with your understanding and convincing ability. Very Many Thanks.

    You may lock this thread as requested by Juana.

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    Thank you, Saji for making the member understand, the very simple thing which he failed to understand.

    Now, wait for some wise suggestions.


    Now that the issue has been explained to you let's see some really good suggestions. I can't wait to see how you resolve this issue.

    Also, what happens on the forum, must be discussed in the forum. I do not want to run a parallel platform to discuss issues related to ISC. I see no need to send private messages to anyone when there are other options available. I also do not want to be embarrassed on a public forum with a message from the ME telling me not to send any emails, whatsoever. For an embarrassment that would be. I would be embarrassed, would you?

    If you do not understand threads that I raise then I cannot help it. Since, two people understood, without me having to explain, the problem was definitely not with the thread.

    Also, it would be nice if you make an effort to understand the categories under which threads can be posted. You harping about a forum thread being wasted is not understood. At least it got positive responses and I succeeded to keep spammers away. Also, the posts are under my quota, so what is your problem?

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    I feel that in such case where a Member seeks clarification(s), the Editor(s) give comprehensive (not half-hearted) clarification and then lock that particular thread. Here I would like to put stress on the word 'comprehensive'. If the clarification is standard, half-hearted or casual, the purpose would not be served. Alternatively, the Editors can put a tag on such threads stating that only Editor(s) would respond to that particular thread.

    I think this would solve the problem of so-called 'spamming'.

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    It is not about who responds, it is about the response itself.

    Repeating the same thing with an obvious intent of gaining a few points is the issue here. It is happening and it has happened in the past as well. Corrective measures were taken back then because members objected to the deliberate efforts of some to boost their point tally. It was then that the Webmaster made some changes and responses to one's own thread started getting just one point.

    I hope you'll agree that it is fine to be competitive, but some ethics need to be maintained. I can respond to every forum post with a couple fo inane responses - it'll improve my points, but should I be doing that is the question I need to ask myself.

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    Ms. Juana: I do understand what you say and I do agree. The same thing is noticed in the Ask Expert' section, so I need not elaborate. In Forum section, some of the responses are really laughable and anybody can understand that the Member who has responded did not study the main thread. But what can be done? Nothing.

    However, in those threads where Members seek clarifications, Editors have the duty to respond and to check and evaluate other responses. In such cases, Editors can award 0 credit for repititive comments and negative credit for wrong clarifications to discourage Members to write anything for points.

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    I will place the ball in the editors court. Editors are responsible to handle this issue. They should act firmly and award zero points to the spammers. So that the spammers will refrain from doing this if they are point oriented spammers.
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