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    How do you look at privatisation of Air India?

    Union Cabinet has given approval for disinvestment in Air India. Air India is making losses even though its air ticket rates are much higher than other aviation competitors. It did not get turn around in its business despite getting capital infusion by the Government. Other low cost aviation companies like Spicejet started making profits but Air India is still struggling to make any mark. Do you think privatisation of Air India will solve the problem?
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    Privatization of Air India is a good steps. Air India is making losses due to many wrong policy decision. Turn around is always difficult in PSUs due to unionism. Senior employees drawing large salary for doing nothing. Many ministers and bureaucrats are travelling on government expenses. Former aviation ministers have intentionally favored private air lines. That is why air India is in such a state. It is better to sell off the chronic loss making PSUs.
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    I think it is a good move. AIr India is in losses form some time now and they are not able to turn around. This is not because of the lack of passengers. If really one can see the schedules of AIr India and destinations of Air India flights, he can understand why this company is making loss. But other aviation companies are making profits? Salaries of senior employees is one part and the other is administrative policies of the organisation. It is the main reason for losses. Priorities and prime times are given to private players. Why? If the traffic from Hyderabad to Delhi is good at 6 AM why to have a flight at 9 AM. By that time two or three private services might have taken off.

    Turning around PSUs is very difficult. It is a good move to sell Air India to Private,

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    I think its nice step on the part of government moving towards privatization of air India, as it will enhance competition among companies providing aviation services and hence may lead to reduction in fare If government keep a check over all these companies and so it will be beneficial for common man.
    As government has already laid foundation towards making air travels in reach of common man by launching UDAN- Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik and has made interstate flights less expensive. And privatization of air India will also carry forward this dream of common man to make air travels as common as travelling with buses and trains.

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    When the government cannot manage a entity , it is better to get rid of it because airlines business is always subjected to turf competition and only the fittest would survive. Over the years Air India service has been deteriorated. People want to travel in this airline for safety and secure and also guaranteed flying. But off late we are getting complaints from regular travelers that ground staff and support staff inside the air plane are not cordial and rude. So when there is no business, they cannot sustain the presence. Better to get rid of loss making Maharaja which was once considered prestigious traveling by Air India.
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