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    Tribute to Share your earnings & learning testimonials

    There is already a testimonial thread pinned at the top of our forum, but since that is an old one, I thought it would be nice for us to share some fresh testimonials in the 10th year of this wonderful site.

    You can post a response in this thread about your earnings or share your experiences at ISC about what you learned. You can even post an article on your ISC journey and give a link to it in this thread, bringing out the aspects which make it a genuine work at home earning opportunity.

    The monthly revenue share bonus was introduced as a reward program first in 2011. I received my very first RSB on 6th April, 2011, with Rs 390/- as the site revenue share for March 2011.

    Six years on, with today's announcement, I crossed the 1k mark for my 59th RSB reward.

    It would be nice if other members too shared their RSB rewards (and other earnings if they so wish) in this thread. This will be a testimonial to ISC being a truly genuine earning site which acknowledges the contributions of its members by sharing the site's revenue with them and rewarding us in many other ways.

    Cheers to ISC! May it live long!
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    I shouldn't miss this thread to say what I got from ISC. I joined ISC on 24 March 2011. I never had any knowledge of RSB(Revenue Share Bonus) then. On one fine day (12 May 2011), I could see Rs. 267/- reflecting as earning against my name. I was wondering about this earning, not knowing it was the RSB. It took time for me to learn about Revenue Share Bonus. Thereafter, I could continuously enjoy the showering RSB month after month. I participated in active GDs & contests that fetched many prizes to wonder. Altogether, till todate, I could earn a good sum of Rs. 28989/- I have already received Rs. 28300/- in my bank account. I am expected to receive Rs. 600/- today or tomorrow. I will be left with a credit balance of Rs. 89/-. Further, I could earn 200 dollars(Rupees 12000/- approx) as Google Adsense Revenue.

    It is worth being an ISCian and earn some sum in bits and pieces to make a huge sum.

    ISC thy name is Great
    ISC thy name is Sacred
    ISC thy name is Transparency

    My best wishes to ISC to complete its Centenary..

    No life without Sun

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    Yes. It is heartening that ISC offers wonderful earning opportunities while learning.. I have joined this site few years back in 2012. When I was searching for some previous years question papers, found this site. But I couldn't find the exact question paper I was looking for. Then I thought of submitting the question papers whatever I had in my hand. It continued and I didn't know the ISC is genuine in real cash out to its members as a lot of sites are / were found to be cheating by offering home based earning opportunities. Within few days of contributing, my first payment for Rs.300 was announced in the forum and I was really exciting to get it. Then I have started contributing in many sections with my capacity and was able to get payment in every month from ISC. Eventually I have applied for Google adsense and I got success in getting it with opt guidance from senior members. In the mean time, I was promoted to ISC editorial panel in Feb 2013. So far I have earned over Rs.48000 from ISC alone and over Rs.4,74,000 from Google adsense for my contribution in ISC. Still I am earning from Google adsense though I am not contributing much like before. Also I have learnt so many things including designing a website using HTML. For this, I am very much thankful to ISC (members and editorial team) and its management.

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    I feel privileged to have travelled with ISC for the lastsix years. It was just a chance that I hit upon ISC. But it was like 'getting hooked at first sight' . Though my aim was not at all of earning money, it was bonus that I started getting small amounts. This is one highlight of ISC. It earns and shares . So it is like getting some stipend or pocket money for learning. ISC helped learning and earning.

    As a person who had come to see computers and internet and online content posting well after the youth years, I could learn many things firsthand from ISC. I consider ISC a small digest of what is happening around us and get to know and stay updated many matters. For me ISC helps to stay around with information and updates which I would not have taken pains to know otherwise.

    My tributes to ISC and the human hands and brains which make ISC , on this occasion of completing ten years. Let ISC celebrate completion of many more decades.

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    Your Google Adsense earning of over 4,74,000 (Rupees Four lakh Seventy four thousand) sounds great at ISC. How could you manage this great earning through ISC posts. What is the magic behind it? Can you explain it for the benefit of ISC members and other netizens?

    No life without Sun

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    It is by chance that I came to ISC site when I was searching for sites to publish articles. I have been in ISC for 2 1/2 years. I can say I have been active for 1 1/2 years. Due to personal issues, house shifting, health issues, illness, had a fracture in shoulder and was not active for months. I wanted to post articles, but then I did not have any knowledge about HTML Tags. I decided, only after learning basic HTML tags I would post, few basic HTML tags I learnt and then posted the articles. When all my admission articles landed in pending status for HTML tags, I was apprehensive whether I would be able to post again in the article section. I sent mail to Vandana asking her to help me, how to give link and HTML Tags for points. After I got the help tips I spent hours trying out each html tag and would check out how it appears on the final page. When I check the page after clicking the submit button, I would find amazing decorated maze of font sizes of my post. I had gala time in learning how to give link. I would miss out the dot/ '/=//do follow/blank / I would have added " and find the error page appearing/ % symbol appearing in search bar. After submit button is clicked, I would ponder over, how a miniature (dot)/ a symbol would make a huge difference in landing on that right page. Many times when I clicked submit page, a blank page would appear saying sorry something has gone wrong. Try and try is what I did, been an owl to learn and finally I was successful. Three Cheers to Me. I made the necessary changes, from pending status the articles moved to approved status. I received the "Wizard Award for Articles for May Month" I never expected and also Revenue Share Bonus for .

    Hope to continue to post in articles section with better presentation and quality. As I was not active for months my google ad-sense is disabled which I got approved from another site. 10 articles are approved from ISC, I would like to apply for it only after posting some more articles through this site. ISC is a user friendly site, educative, promotes learning and sharing. I am addicted to ISC and more inclined to sharing knowledge. Rewards, Bonus, Earnings does bring in joy when I see small amounts popping up on my name which is a credit for the efforts and time spent on the work. Need to learn a lot still. Hope the two links will find the right page.

    Happy Learning and Posting Jenny.

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    I am with India Study channel for the past 8 years and so far I have earned more than 53000 from the cash credits and revenue share bonus and other awards. I was benefited with Google adsense for two times and received the cheque of 5000 each from Google for my contributions. I have been concentrating on forum section only and my earnings are low comparing to other members who are here for considerable time. Nevertheless I joined here for my knowledge improving and never yearned for earning. My journey in this site was fruitful as I am leading with 3 rank in this site and forum super star since many years.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is no magic behind it. The job section was one of the section for high traffic. Traffic is directly proportional to revenue, isn't it? I have used to post minimum 10 jobs per day and that brought huge traffic and earnings. There were some leading job contributors who know this fact. Though traffic was huge, it lost within few days (may be 1 week as the job expires after its last date of applying). Most of the earnings were from this job section. Also I have posted some articles on ever green topics in Articles section which brings traffic in the long run. As SEO changes, everything changes in the web world. Unfortunately job section was affected though it still brings some revenue. I have also contributed in different sections like question papers, ask experts, colleges, schools and getting some revenue. At present article section is the major section for me in terms of traffic and revenue.


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    Great. Your testimony will certainly attract many netizens to join ISC and earn a very good sum.

    No life without Sun

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    I am very happy to note that ISC is now 10. Best wishes and hearty congratulations to all involved. This is a very good place to learn and improve your knowledge. Presently I am learning English writing in this channel. Articles section is very informative and by reading these articles we can learn many things. Jobs section is having very high visitors I think. A very well managed and participated site. A learner's paradise.

    My journey started with ISC on 6th Feb 2009. But it got interrupted within less than 6 months due to my work pressures and tensions. Again I started participating very actively from October 2016. My earnings of 2009 were also given to me which I have not claimed at that time in the month of January 2017. A good gesture by editors and webmasters. This journey of last 8 months is very impressive for me. I am trying to learn good english. I got wizard, super star, Star of the month, Tow awards during this period. I got cash bonus awards for the last 3 months. I am a gold member. I may be able to go to next level in another 2 or 3 months I hope.
    All the best to all connected to ISC.

    always confident

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    I am regular contributor to for the last 6 years and I find my experience with this great site is marvelous. ISC give great opportunity for every member of this portal to contribute according to their convenience, interest with great freedom. Every member can have lot of opportunities to contribute to the wide variety of interesting sections present in this portal. My major contributions to this site include Article section, Examination Papers section, Forum section, Jobs section, Photo section, Ask expert section etc. Other than above I have participated in various Article contests, General Discussion Programs, quiz contests and in many such contests I won awards and rewards. In my stay of 6 years I got two times the best Debater award from ISC Management. Till now for all my contributions at ISC I earned a total reward amount of Rs. 28,511. Without any hesitation I can strongly say that ISC promptly pays to our well deserved contributions and thus won the hearts of all its regular contributors. Through Google Adsense program of ISC I have earned till date 718 US Dollars i.e. roughly Rs.43,000. I wish ISC to celebrate and complete many more such happy decades. Long live ISC!!

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    ISC has given me a lot in terms of money and work experience; Hence definitely I would also like to share my ISC's beautiful journey with you!

    My first revenue share bonus was of Rs. 250/- which I got on 24th Sept. 2011 and till now earned Rs. 2200/- as a revenue share bonus. My favorite section on this site to submit my contributions is "Updates" and "Question Papers" from which I have earned respectively Rs. 3869/- and Rs. 4353/-

    All together my earnings of ISC are approx. 37K. Not only this but twice also received Adsense revenue total of Rs. 12000/-

    Learned how to use HTML tags here on ISC only. My writing skills are improving just because of this wonderful platform.

    Person who have zeal to earn online for them ISC will definatly provide "Different ways to earn money by doing genuine online work."

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    For me few words not enough to express my gratitude towards ISC, ISC is not just a earning place for me but a place where I got much needed solace when I was in distress.

    Really I have not tracked how much I have earned but I can say it in a sentence.

    When I joined ISC in 2009 my daughter was in her Diploma, later she joined her Engineering, working with an IT major company at present in Bangalore along with that she is doing M.S. in Electronics all from the earnings I made at ISC.

    Finally to say ISC is the only genuine online portal where everyone have an equal opportunity to learn and earn.

    Once you get in to this site difficult to come out for genuine reasons.

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    I have joined ISC about 6 months back when I was searching some sites for posting of my blogs. When I registered for it and started posting answers to the questions I found that I was promptly enumerated. It made me to think that some people are there to see and check everything and accordingly assessing an answer post. Later I came to know that various editors are there to take care of all the issues related to posts.

    Later I shifted to forum section which I found the best place to sharpen your English skills. There are variety of subjects and for each there are many responses and view points. It gives immense opportunity for learning.

    During last 6 months my main activities were in ask expert and forum sections though occasionally I have posted a few articles and a few responses to some articles.

    During this time I got many rewards and every month some RSB also in addition to cash credits.

    I liked this site for two reasons one is it's transparency and frank exchange of knowledge and information and other thing is once you are active here for some time you feel homely and do not want to leave it. It is somehow I feel addictive site like computer games, you can't leave them midway.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am proud of myself for being a member in ISC. I am a member in this site past 9 years but I have not earned much in this site because as a new user I was not able to contribute much to this site. But now I have learnt alot in this site and trying to increase my earnings in this site. Hopefully in next few years I may increase my earnings in this site. But this is a wonderful site for everybody . You can clear your doubts and even clear other's doubts and lot's to learn from this site. All the Best wishes to improve it still more, so that we can learn more and even earn more.

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    I joined this site in Jan 17 and found it not only abounding in information but there is scope of learning as well as earning.
    The forum sections are particulary interesting where members exchange views in a lively way.
    Due to my other commitments I am not able to devote adequate time to this site but in coming times I will be trying to be more active.
    I liked this thread, a nice way to remember that ISC has completed 10 years. The testimonials of some senior members are really very inspiring and motivating.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    To meet ISC is like a dream came true for me when I was searching for site to invest my time in fruitful manner. The very first post if mine was in Ask Expert section and that post showed me earning of Rs. 3/-. I could not believe that, I mean it is really rare that any online site is giving cash in return to its contributors. So, I waited for my first payment that announced in October, 2014 (after 3 months of my joining). I uploaded my filled invoice with my finger crossed and one fine day the payment of Rs. 1000/- got credited in my account. I will complete my 3 good years in ISC on 31st July, 2017 and till date I have earned Rs. 34061/- here.
    Apart from earning, I am learning many new things, improving my writing skills with the help of editors and sharpening my creativity.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    I was introduced to Adsense by ISC in 2008. I have not made money more than Jeba princy (approx 5 lakh), which she recently made. But i made approx. 3,00,000 rs Online. Majority of money was from Adsense.

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