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    The most relevant joke I enjoyed about GST

    Goods and Service Tax (GST) is launched from today. It received a lot of attention for last few months and became a talk everywhere. Everyone had some concern about it. Debates and discussion took place. Still people are all confused and it may take some time till it gets stabilised.

    As such ,for the last few weeks various jokes were spreading in social media in connection with GST. While many of them were indicating doubts and negative sides of GST, there were a few which were simple and explanatory in nature.

    One such joke I enjoyed I give below.

    Wife asks husband what is GST that all are talking about. Husband says that though it is a complicated one to understand, he would try to give a practical example. Before marriage when the husband came late, he had to explain the reason to his sister first, and then mother and to father in the end. That means he had to repeat the same to three persons. But now after marriage he had to explain why he is late only to his wife. It resolves the issue. That is how GST is different from the earlier system.

    Though it is stated in the form of joke, is it not a simple, relevant explanation? Probably some of you also would have come across it in some social media platforms. But I thought it to share here as others may also enjoy. Please share those you enjoyed.
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    I fully enjoyed the joke. Before marriage, when the person was questioned for his late arrival by his sister, father and mother, he had to explain to all of them, and there were no brickbats and backlashes. But after the marriage, when the wife questions and husband answers, he is likely to be subjected to brickbats and backlashes if not convinced properly. Similarly, here in GST, a tax payer cannot simply escape from paying GST. This is what I understand now. Hope others also understood it.

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    This one on Twitter.
    Please do not send any *GST related jokes,* mobile battery automatically goes down by 28%.

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    Wow the GST is rarely one day old and the jokes on that has already started apeparing in social media and above two jokes are super and enjoyable. Today I asked my Kirana owner whether he has taken the GSTN , for that he said why to hurry. By the way for the turnover upto 20 lakh nothing to worry and he is goign to sell everything loose and not packed one. So he wants to wait and then take action. Why he is so confident because even if GST inspectos comes he can always claim ignorance of the GST rules and laws and thus would get the lead time. Good thinking on his part.
    K Mohan
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    GST joke by Shobha De: The great socialite Shobha De, in a hurry to denounce GST and the Central Government, uploaded a bill (on Twitter) of coffee and idli (costing Rs. 88.50/-) stating that idli has become unaffordable. Immediately one of her followers uploaded two bills of coffee and Idli just before and just after implementation of GST to prove that the cost of coffee and idli has come down by Rs. 2.37/- (in Chennai) after implementation of GST.

    Isn't it a good joke from Ms. De or to Ms. De?

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    Partha you have shared the joke on Shobha De who always jumps in to the conclusion in haste and does earn the wrath of her critics. Nevertheless one should wait for the real impact of GST.
    K Mohan
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    What a simple but effective way of explaining GST is presented in the joke in the thread. Many jokes regarding GST are traveling in the media today.

    GST was a long pending issue and as it is a new type of tax regime it will take time to fully understand it. However the shopkeepers and traders who were doing business without any invoice and paper work and were not paying any tax to the Govt are in a doldrum.

    In the society maximum jokes are exchanged on the subject with which people are apprehended much.

    So it is natural to have so may jokes on GST also as it is the hottest matter today.

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    Nice jokes by the member posted on GST. One joke I received today :
    Lord Krinshna's Advice to Arjun in Mahabharat:
    My dear partha,
    Change is the rule of this world. What we called as sales Tax till yesterday became VAT today and will be called as GST from tomorrow. There is no need to cry since you have not lost any thing. Whatever you got you got it from your customer. Whatever you earned you gave it to the government and whatever left out you gave it to your wife.
    You never had anything of your own nor are you going to have anything in future.
    Then why be worried or afraid of GST?
    enjoy the life.

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