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    When there is a definite cure for TB why the patients are abandoned by families ?

    It is really pathetic to know that more than one lakh women who are affected with the TB across the world every year are being abandoned by their families when there is definite cure to eradicate this dreaded disease. In fact the Bill Gate Milinda Foundation is working hard on this disease and has cured many patients. Is that unawareness the main cause for such bad behavior from the relatives of the women who are affected by the disease or is that a social stigma which makes the people to think against the affected TB patient ?
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    Yes, today total and complete cure from tuberculosis is possible. But even then TB patients are avoided. This is due to ignorance of people, but, at the same time, it must be admitted that TB is very contagious.

    Same is applicable for leprosy patients also. Leprosy can be completely cured, but leprosy patients are avoided.

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    There are certain apprehension in people about to some contagious diseases. Many persons avoid the people with contagious diseases. There are very good medicines now for TB. The disorder is curable. But as the myth they have in their mind, people will avoid the patients with these diseases.
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