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    Sunday morning problem: Can you solve this simple Mathematical problem?

    I humbly request the Members of ISC to solve this simple problem. Although it is very simple, I could not find the solution by mind calculation (because I don't want to write/calculate rnow). The problem is mentioned below:-

    1. I went to purchase 500 grams of 'jilebi' (a sweet) @Rs. 150 per kg.
    2. I also ordered to puchase 300 grams of 'namak pyade' (a snacks) @Rs. 165 per kg.
    3. The shop-keeper gave 4 gms. less namak pyade', i.e., I got 296 grams of the snacks instead of 300 grams.
    4. The shop-keeper gave me 6 gms. more 'jilebi', i.e., I got 506 grams of the sweet instead of 500 grams.

    Kindly let me know whether I have been benefitted or not from the above two mistakes of the shop-keeper. If possible, kindly provide the entire calculation for my benefit. Send the answer to:
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    What I feel that when we purchase items in 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams, we are going to benefit by some extra grams. When we purchase the items in other variations we suffer a loss. Why because, when ever I purchased the dall or sugar from my Kirana store, he invariably weighs for more than 1000 grams and works out to 1010 or 1012 grams on the whole. Likewise when I purchase one kg of vegetable the vendor gives few grams extra wont weigh exactly 1000 grams. In fact in Chennal when you purchase one kg of vegetables they give Kari Pattha for free and even coriander for free.
    K Mohan
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    The points from this thread is not being reflected in my score-board. Editors may kindly see.

    Mr. Mohan: Answer please. Did I benefit from the activity of the sweetmeat-seller?

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    Yes you have been benefited from the sweet seller and there is no doubt about it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't know how to calculate. You are happy with 4 Anas approx. (updated)

    @ Was there any GST?

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    You are benefitted by Rs.0.24. You got 6 grams extra sweet. The benefit is Rs.0.90, You got 4 grams less nanak pyade The loss is Rs.0.66. The net gain is Rs.0.24.
    The sweet cost is 1000 grmas Rs,150
    You got 6 grams extra which is equivalent to 6 X 150/1000=0.9(Gain)
    You got 4 grams less of Namak Pyade which is equivalent to 4X165/1000=0.66(LOSS)
    Net gain is 0.9-0.66= Rs.0.24.
    I think I am correct and able to explain you properly.
    If you have posted this in ASk expert I might have gained Rs. 2 or Rs.3/-, This is just on the lighter side.

    always confident

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    Rate of jilebi is Rs 0.15 per gram so your gain of excess 6 gram jilebi is 6 x 0.15 = Rs 0.90
    The rate of namak pyade is Rs 0.165 per gram so your loss their is 4 x 0.165 = 0.66

    So your net gain is 0.90 - 0.66 = Rs 0.24 only.

    Sunday morning is generally kept for some long pending works. With your puzzle today some of us may again keep those jobs pending for next Sunday.

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    Why is this thread so unfortunate that the points credit is not reflected in the score board?
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    You may check it again as the other duplicate of the same thread got deleted. So you might refer that thread with no points.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Ms. Saroja: I have already checked. There is definitely some problem in respect of this particular thread. The other (duplicate) thread carried 5 points and it got deleted.
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    Whenever anyone has a problem of points, please refer to: Reason for deduction in points and cash credits when you recalculate
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    Ms. Vandana (#602355): I have read the thread sent by you. But the present case is different. When I raised this thread, another duplicate thread was generated and an Editor rightly deleted one of the two threads. However, the points creedit in respect of this thread is not being added to my score of 2nd July, 2017.
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    Finally, a thread of sweet meat price calculation has become ISC's point score calculation. What a thread that has gone off the track !

    What is the sweet meat gain or loss, Mr. Partha?

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    If you go through this url and with a top down menu of forum you will see your this thread has 5 points allotted.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Sincere thanks to Ms. Saroja for trying to help me. Now please see the right hand side of the present wall. You will see that my yesterday's score indicates 22, which is wrong. It should be 27.
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    I have been facing the same problem with a few of my threads and responses. I do the following and it has been working for me.

    Click on the edit tab, and resubmit the post. Your points should be restored. It works for me. This usually happens when you are 'timed out'. Try it and let me know if it works.

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    Thanks Ms. Juana. I will definitely try it.
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    Sincere thanks, Ms. Juana. Your suggestion has worked. Thanks a lot. I will definitely remember this suggestion in future.
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