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    Tips to maintain great relations : Appreciate similarities and respect differences !

    Many of us would be wondering that some people would have good equations with others and they maintain cordial relations without any egoistic problems or rift. The secret of their success is that they appreciate the similarities which is existing with others and at the same time they also respect the differences if any. So the bonding would be great with good understanding. So next time do not complain that you are not having good relations with others. Try this trick or tip and surely it would benefit you immensely.
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    If a person is critical of other's point of view and disagrees on every matter then the relations between the two can not be cordial.

    Its very true and rightly pointed out in the thread that one must respect the point of view presented by the other person and try to see the similarities rather than differences with himself.

    The philosophy of making good friends and retaining them totally thrives on the premises of understanding and mutual coexisting. Respect is commanded and not demanded. If we are cordial and amicable to our friends and acquaintees then only we will get an appropriate reciprocal treatment.

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    To have good relations with others we have to be good to others. Sometimes we may not like some aspects of the other person. We should not expect him to change for our sake. Ignore those qualities which are not very interesting to you. He may be very good in some aspects. Try to remember those good qualities always and appreciate him for that.

    When we know somebody, try to limit our association to the required extent only. But don't think how to get advantage out of this association. Don't expect any favour from him. Then only your association continues. Don't have any ego problem. Try to be cordial and good to other person. Then our association continues.

    If we always try to criticize him and expect him to change as per our expectations the association may not continue. It is his life, If you don't like you have to leave him but not expect to change to your wishes.

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    Yes, we have to acknowledge the similarities and respect the differences. And we must respect difference of opinions also.
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