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    Yoga: An ultimate fitness

    Yoga is an Indian form of meditation which has now become a dad in the west with many yoga centers burgeoning to train the enthusiast on various form of exercises that guarantee panacea to physical ailments.

    In early British days, a man was sent to gallows. He was still alive though hanging with the noose around his neck for many minutes. The white Jailer was astonished. On query, he was told that Yoga gave him the capacity to withhold his breath. The order since then had been modified "To be hanged till death" - the last two words were added. It is believed that, a difficult branch called HATHA Yoga allow certain powers like lightening the body weight, bearing excruciating pain etc.

    Yoga is in reality the Sanskrit word Yog. Different parts of the subcontinent shows different accents. It is one of those distortions 5hat the Englishmen picked up, this Ram in Rama. It had further been wrongly link with Hinduism and also associated with Marijuana culture. In short, it helps one to connect with the source, a human soul being a part of the Supreme.

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    There are many things which people undertake to maintain their health like walking, going to gym, doing exercises in outdoor open air environment and things like that.

    Now due to awareness yoga is also added to this list. Historically and mythologically yoga was undertaken by our saints and great yogis as a routine and in our Vedic and other mythological literature a lot of information is available about this ancient form of activity.

    How yoga is different from other forms of exercises. This is a question raisd by all beginners in yoga field, yoga seekers or yoga enthusiast. The answer is not very difficult if one tries to understand the philosophy behind this great art. Yoga is based on control of breath and movement of body parts in slow and steady ways and feeling this activity deep in our mind and detaching from all worldly matters for some time. What all this provides us is calmness of mind as well as exercise of body.

    The puja or worshipping God was also a supplementary part of the yoga exercise. By concentrating in puja one meditates in the world of spirituality, unseen world of dieties and isolates himself from the earthly engagements.

    The main thing achieved by yoga is concentration and peace of mind which is something not attainable with ordinary exercises.

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    Yoga is not only for keeping our body fit. It is very useful to have a mental peace and a balanced life. Yoga gives us a very pure and pious thoughts about our life. It makes us to enjoy our life with happiness. If we practice yoga, many of the health problems will also will vanish. It is very good for mental as well as body health.
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