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    Applying for Infolinks

    I have applied for infolinks and also I mentioned my profile page. Now they are asking to paste code in my website. I request someone to help where I need to paste code.
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    Since I had integrated my Infolinks account long ago, don't really remember whether we needed to paste any code numbers here in some box or it gets automatically integrated. I will refer your query to our team.

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    You can use this link ( and relevant guidelines available in this site to get things done if you have applied for Infolink from this site. Best wishes.

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    The same problem I also faced two months back but i couldn't do anything, because I have not got any clue. if you get the answer I can also follw the same. It is good,
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    I too applied for Infolinks Account 2 weeks back. In our dashboard under revenue settings option their will be an option - "Manage Third party Ad revenue sharing". Click on that, there you can give values for InfoLinks pid, InfoLinks wsid. These values can be found in infolinks code given by Infolinks.

    How ever they don't approve our infolinks account, saying that you are not the owner of site.

    I have written those Infolinks pid and wsid values and applied for infolinks account. They rejected saying you can't insert infolinks code. So I messaged them clearly explaining even though I can't insert code, I have give infolinks pid, wsid values in ISC under my profile. But, even they rejected saying you are not owner, so we don't approve your account.

    If any body got infolinks account through ISC. Please share the procedure on how to get infolinks account.


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    I have received infolinks approval two months ago. it is very easy process. Please visit the site . You will see an option (third option) I have an infolink account. Select it. After that you have to submit your infolinks pid and infolinks wsid in the proper box. Then nothing to do. If you do not have an infolinks account, apply by the link given in that page.
    I got my approval within two hours of applying.
    Best of luck. Hope this will help you.

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    Hey there,
    If you need any help regarding Infolinks contact me on :

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    Dear all,

    Thanks for your support. With your guidance, I understood the process and completed the code pasting. Waiting for approval. Once again thanks for your immediate response and support.

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    @ Mr. Syed Parvez, I have forwarded the message received from infolinks to the email address given by you. I request you to see and advise me.
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    Syed Parvez Ali,

    Please clarify - are you officially on the Infolinks team? If not, you are requested not to instruct ISC members to contact you. You can simply give the required guidance in the open forum as per your knowledge.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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