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    How to deal with rejection in love?

    The boy was born in a poor Bengali family living in Patna. He was academically bright and sent to Calcutta (Kolkata) for higher studies. He took admission in Calcutta Medical College but acute shortage of money forced him to take part-time employment as male nurse to meet his expenses. However, his result was not good. Later he somehow managed to reach England and after very hard labour, completed his MRCP and FRCS within two years, a record!

    He returned to Calcutta with Rs. 5/-. He started private medical practice but during the initial years, this foreign-returned doctor had to work as taxi-driver, again to meet the expenses. After some time, when he was becoming famous, he fell in love. This poor young doctor went to the most famous and rich doctor of Calcutta at that time to seek the hands of his only daughter. The famous doctor simply said that his daughter's daily make-up cost at least thrice more than the young doctor's monthly income; and so he couldn't agree to the proposal of marriage.

    The young doctor returned disheartened. He vowed to remain unmarried. He also vowed to become famous. He started working very hard, and within two years, surpasssed the famous doctor in terms of earning. He joined politics, and within another two years, he reached the pinnacle of glory. He became the Mayor of Calcutta Corporation. However, he decided to restrict his political activities within Bengal. He continued his medical practice, became the personal physician of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He also became the Vice-Chancelor of University of Calcutta, the biggest University of India, in 1942.

    Independence came with painful partition of Bengal. The doctor became the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. He completely left his medical practice (by that time, it had become his part-time activity although he used to earn Rs. 42000/- per month equivalent to at least twenty times more nowadays, from this part-time activity), and accepted a salary of Re. 1/- per month as Chief Minister.

    The Chief Minister started building a partitioned state full of refugees. He developed Durgapur Steel Plant, Salt Lake, various industrial corporations and brought many new development concepts in the new state. He received Bharat Ratna award in 1961. He died on his birthday in 1961. His birthday, 1st July, is now celebrated as Doctor's Day in India.

    However, the great man never forgot his lady-love. Before his death, this confirmed bachelor started developing a new modern satellite-city in Nadia District and named the new city 'Kalyani', in the name of his lady-love Kalyani, the daughter of Dr. Nilratan Sarkar, another very famous physician of Bengal.

    My deep respect to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the great architcet of West Bengal. Yesterday we celebrated his birthday (which happens to be his death anniversary also).
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    Thank you Mr.Partha I don't know why they Doctor's day is celebrated. But with your thread I understood the story behind the Doctor's day. Mr.. Bidhan Chandra Roy was a known figure and We studied in history books also. But we don't know this story. Another important thing is birthday and death anniversary are on same day. I think he is a great lover and he started developing a satellite city on his lover's name. I think is it one sided love.
    always confident

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    From the story it is quite clear that success comes to those with hard work coupled with name and fame. Appreciation to Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy for challenging life and coming out with elan.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks for giving so much information regarding the legendary figure Dr B C Roy. The thread is written in a quite interesting narrative way and I enjoyed it's flow.

    It is really a great thing that a person can rise in life inspite of so many setbacks and poverty in the young age. The hard work and determination of the legend is exemplary.

    More surprising is the story of his rejection in love and keeping it in his memory till time immortals. There will be few people who can be so honestly attached to their first love of their life.

    Very impressive tale of a person who rose from street to throne of a state.

    Knowledge is power.

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