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Thread of the Week contest for the week 2nd July - 8th July'17 (Special Prize Winner)
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    Looks can be deceptive what matters is behaviour

    There are many people who look handsome or beautiful but when you come in their contact you find them ill mannered and shrewd in their behaviour and you start avoiding them.

    On the other hand there are people who are average looking or may be below average but when we talk to them or have interaction with them we find them very sweet and talking pleasantly.
    We enjoy in their company and try to have friendship with them.

    There are exception also who are looking beautiful as well as have a modest and friendly behaviour. They are liked by everyone.

    Which type of persons you like for interactions or friendship?
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    Nicely said by the author. We should go by the looks, that is artificially created, but the behavior matters, because everyone gets through inheritance that would be final. Some people are sober in the home and very talkative outside like wise some people are free at the home and very reserved at outside. In Tamil there is a saying that if you want to make a good friend travel with him for a while and that will bring the right behavior and mental attitude of that person. Some makes into friendship very easily and keep the relations for ever. Some are very possessive and makes friendship for a cause and leave.
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    There is no relation between your physical personality and behaviour. All good looking people are not gentlemen.
    It is always gives a good feeling to be in the company of a person who is well behaved and talk nicely. But we should also respond in the same way. Then only the relation lost long. If we try to utilise the good natured and sweet mentality of others for our benefit, he may not continue with us. Like minded people will get along together for longer times. Physical appearance is nothing to do with this. Probably the physical appearance will become important in case of friendship between teenagers.

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