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    Look how editor wasting hard earn money of the ISC.

    Its not about of Rs2/- but genuine rewarding. Please look at this response no. #602257. A member got just frustrated and shoot words at the author of the thread. His point was also not genuine yet he got reward of Rs.2/-. This thread was not challenging but for forecast of a thread. Due, to some reason it was not posted that made a member angry. Having no reason? This was made an interesting response by rewarding cc. I feel editor should look uniqueness in a response when rewarding cc rather than thinking from personal point of view. Since, the member's words were liked by editors he got the CC, this is what the outcome can come out with this.

    However, I let ISC members decide whether this reward was genuine or not.
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    Though the member has his own prerogative to post, I feel this kind of discussion or posting may be stopped as it may only affect the author's mind directly and indirectly to other members with each one guessing about who is this. This is my personal request to the author, if he wanted to continue, continue otherwise stop posting it in original id or new id created now. In the ocean of websites no body is going to gain or loss with it (either WM or members or even author) and anyway the site will continue to serve with their own motto and derivatives.

    It is our personal choice to be here or not and this is my personal opinion or advise if author take it in a right spirit.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I have taken your words in right spirit. But, it is my personal choice to continue with this id whether you take it or not, it is your personal choice.

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    Hello my dear member. Based on your so called challenge only I have responded and never intended to score money or points on that reply. You have failed to post the thread at the time specified and that forced me to respond. I have no intention to hurt nor draw lines in between.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan, either you have not read my thread and response (in last thread) properly or you do not have the knowledge of the word challenging. I have failed to post my thread and ISCian saw how much you got affected with this. Nevertheless, don't say that you don't intend to score points, entire ISC members know about it that how you earn your points even to post useless response which is not necessary to a thread post. So, I better don't comment about it.
    As far as my "so called challenge" is concerned which you keep repeating in your response, if I come to start challenging you in each and every post of yours, I know how much you can stand against me. So, don't finger on something which is not required to you.

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