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    Our left become right and right become left - come with various options.

    Though it is immediately reflect the mirror image, there are occasions people who are in our left after certain time period(may be minutes) will be in our right and vice versa. One such occasion today I experienced(enjoyed) when I stand in a reservation queue and the seating arrangement in 5 rows such that on after passing each row the people sitting in our left will be our right and so on.

    In that situation, I thought what else will be the occasions, this kind will happen. So members please come with such interesting situations either experienced or imaginary or read/shared somewhere.
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    We were in a buffet. Three of us are having the plates in hand and sat and discussing while eating. The person who is on my left side got up and gone for refilling his plate, After a few minutes the right hand side person also gone for filling. Now both the chairs on my left and right are empty. The person sitting on my right side came and sat in the vacant seat on my left. After a few minutes the other person cam and sat on the vacant chair. Now the right hand side person is on left hand side and left hand side person on right hand side
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    This right becoming left and left becoming right is generally experienced while we travel by buses during the night. When the bus takes a turn in any hairpin bend, the moon that is seen on our right will be seen on our left during the turn.
    Today I visited a hotel to have lunch. While entering the hotel, the cashier was seen on my right side, and when I left the hotel, the same cashier was seen on my left side. Oh! What a great change and side effect, Saro!

    No life without Sun

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    The other day a person was asking me how to go to a particular hospital on Ministers road in Secunderabad. When I said that from Paradise cross roads, one has to reach the Ranigunj and then take right to proceed to the destination. But he was asking me from Tank Bund side. Obviously he has to take left turn from the Ranjuguj to go the said venue. But the man never revealed from where is coming and ended up going in wrong direction. So what I mean to say here that our left is the right for the opposite person and we have to make it doubly sure whether he has understood or not.
    K Mohan
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    Yes as told by Sun, I too enjoyed the trip in Mountains and viewed the moon this way. Also What Mohan said is true. Sometimes that may confuse from others point of view when they refer right and left. Yes as told by Rao, in a buffet eating, that is possible to take seats either left or right and vice versa.

    More such interesting left and right may be added by other members.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In this regard I wish to share a conversation between two women who are not well qualified and yet showcase to the society that they are educated and they too can speak in English. While both of them used to meet at the school to pick up their respective child, one of the woman was not turning up for many days and when she appeared on one day, the other women asked why not came all this days ? ( See the English conversation ). For that she replied one elder left. The other woman said oh right. No no he left. Again the other woman said ok right. At last the third woman has to interfere and clarify that her father ln law died and hence she could not make to the school.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Today we have experienced the same kind when we travel in Ola that the direction google gives left while the road has small bit of the extension on right where we have to get down. So we have asked the driver to turn right as the google direction map usually tell as left as the road is maximum in length on left.

    I immediately thought of this my own thread.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    For a left hander his left hand is the 'right' hand(naturally the right hand for him is the 'wrong' hand) . For right handers the left hand is the 'wrong hand'.In politics, it is generally used to appreciate the left parties; the sub editors use some good headline like 'Left is right'. In parades like NCC cadets parade etc, we hear 'Left-Right-Left Right' etc we get to feel Left is right or Right is left. As children we used to repeat the parade words in our own way to get the above meaning.

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