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    Love him, hate him but can you ignore him?

    His posts create controversy. Some like him for his straightforward comments. Some love him. Some openly support his views. Some silently support his views without making any comment.

    On the other hand, some of them don't like him or his radical or contrarian views. So, whenever he posts anything, they jump to the conclusion that his comments are personally against them. They abuse him. Sometime the abuse crosses every limit of decency, but the abusers are not conrolled by others or by the administrators. His posts and comments are regularly deleted and penalised.

    However, all efforts to silence him seem to be in vain. He always returns with a bang. He is loved, he is hated, but nobody can afford to ignore him.
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    Some people always like to be the way they wanted irrespective of others comments and readings. It is good as long as his feelings or writings are not hurting the others. But once somebody is getting hurt because of your actions if possible amending yourself is a good point and no horm in it. At the same time we should not unnecessarily criticize other man. He will have his own point of view. We may not be able to get into his shoes and see why it is like this. There is a saying in Telugu, it is better to be in mum rather arguing with a person who thinks only his views are correct. Keep silent, The things will take their own course. This is a policy adopted by many shrewd politicians also.Not taking any action is the action in certain situations.
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    Just think of a situation like this. A good looking snake entered the house of a large family. It was a good snake and everyone loved it. But at the end, it created problem to the family members, especially the boss of the house. Though the family members were brave, they were tolerant and did not drive away the snake. However, one day, the boss of the house beat the snake and threw it away. After few days, the snake made a reentry with a colour change to take revenge. Initially it behaved well, and the boss allowed it to roam around fearing no danger. Again the snake started attacking and feared the boss and others. The merciful boss and others did not want to love it or hate it, but decided to ignore it by not having a look at it. The ferocious snake now claims to be victorious.

    Despite all, I love that good violent snake.

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    In Tamil there is a saying that " Adikkira Kai thaan Anaikkum" that means those who beat us or scold us would love and like us more. They want that we should not make mistake and be the best person among the lot. So in real life we may not like all but pretend to do so. In this regard I appreciate the small children at the age group of six to 2 years who have the capacity to judge who is the right person to who cares them. They wont go easily to all the persons and scan their face and watch the moments and ensure themselves that they are in safe hands. Therefore we have been taught the essence of liking others from the childhood itself.
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    I have a request to everyone: It would be nice if members stopped referring to each other directly or indirectly (or shortening user IDs) as an animal (or any other) species. It is highly inappropriate for our forum. Have we stooped to such a level where discussions bring in such forms of address?
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    Madam Vandana,
    I accept your request. However, have you seen anywhere in this thread that a member's user ID has been shortened as an animal or any other species. I have addressed Partha Kansabanik as 'Partha'. I searched with my eagle eye to find any animal name spelt in this thread, but failed. Please reconsider it. Your statement has no relevance to this thread.
    I Address
    Partha Kansabanik as Partha,
    Jebaprincy as Jeba,
    Venkiteswaran as Venki,
    Saroja as Saro,
    Pattabhi Ramachandran as Pattabhi.
    Ramakrishna as Ramu
    Kailash Kumar as Kailash
    Jagdish Patro as Jagdish or Patro
    Saji Ganesh as Saji or Ganesh
    Tony John as Tony
    Jose Mathew as Jose
    Timmy M John as Timmy
    They never objected to it. Even I myself shortened my name as Sun. If a member has an animal name, or if the first/part name suggests an animal, whose mistake is that? The member should not feel offended. Else the member should change his/her profile name. This is my special request. What 's wrong if Bulldozer is addressed as Mr. Bull. Don't we address the great Mr. Billgates as Mr. Bill. Mr. Bull should feel proud. Bull thy name is Nandi, the Vehicle of Lord Siva. And also the Ambassador to Lord Shiva. Why to get offended. According to me, Like Mr. Sun, Ms Van too sounds good as a beautiful English name. You may not like it as experienced by me once.

    In anycase, this thread deserves an indirect reference as the author has raised a general thread without any reference to any member. The netizens won't understand this. They will read it with some interest. We at ISC are not stooping to the low level, but improving our sense of creativity.

    @ Vandana, While addressing, we cannot use the user ID of a member. User ID is different that is not generally seen by the other members. Hope it is the profile name that has been shortened - you mean.

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    Another short naming experience. Today morning, my daughter's friend came home with her daughter. While chatting, she addressed her young daughter as 'Nandu'. I wondered the name Nandu and asked for her original name. She said it is 'Nandini' shortened as Nandu ( Nandu in Tamil means - Crab). Then I asked her" May I know your good name?" She said "Vandini." Then I asked," Is there any short name for you like Nandu for Nandini?" She said,"Yes. My hubby calls me Vandu." (Vandu in Tamil means - A colourful flying insect/bee). I just remembered our ME Vandana and compared with Ms Vandini (Vandu) for the name match with little difference.
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    I would like to take some efforts to bring back discussion on the thread title.
    'Some love him, some hate him , but no one can ignore him'- this is said about little child Sri Krishna. Lord Krishna was quite naughty in his childhood, giving lot of headache to the womenfolk with his naughty ways. So the ladies used to get angry with him shout at him, complain about him to his mother. But still they could not ignore him, because he kept the whole village active and lively.

    There are many such persons in our society and around us who make some influence on everyone who come across or interact with them. They are subject to strong biases by themselves and also receive such bias from others also. Hence they have supporters and opponents also.

    However it goes that no one is perfect and this kind of people are also victims other own ego or other complexes. If only they changed a bit themselves, much of the hate they receive would have vanished and they would have become real leaders. But unfortunately because of their refusal to accept change or amend their approach and attitude they remain as rebels only..

    We have many such real life examples in our country's political filed. They star with a hearty welcome from all. But then they imagine themselves they are beyond every rules and regulations. They go on with harping on same issues . Slowly people get bored with them. Some start hating and expressly oppose them. But many simply ignore them.

    Thus one which should have become a real national leader gets sidelined and becomes a rallying point only for a few disgruntled sections.

    In short that which started as a bang ends just as a whimper. We had seen this in our political spectrum in our national capital.

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    Shortening of names should never have been allowed. By allowing it once, the door was opened, to allow it to be done again. I am not disputing the fact to the way Sun has shortened a member's name. It is highly objectionable and no excuse or explanation is good enough, no matter how legitimate the same is made to appear. There was an intention to insult the member - let's not lose sight of that aspect.

    Not only that a certain lady, is addressed by a shortened name, where the shortened version has a certain connotation. Members might not be aware, but the shortened name is not considered decent. What I mean here is that restrictions should not be based on individual perception and understanding of things, especially when it comes to how they (can) affect other members. Rules should be applied across the board. Let members stick to the names that are on display. This will prevent both deliberate and unintentional insults. We should not wait to be informed that a certain shortened name is indecent.

    There was a thread about getting the spellings of member's names correct. Shortening of names should also be classified in the same category. If Nandini wants to be called Nandu, she should post under that name. Members should not take the liberty to shorten names of other members.

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