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    Does increase in income alone makes a man more happy?

    Money is an important thing in our life and we require it not only for our livelihood but also for so many worldly luxuries.

    Many people believe that earning money is the only objective in this world and all our efforts should be towards it. They also feel that more money means more happiness.

    On the contrary many others do not feel like that. They feel that money is essential but it is not everything. They believe that you can not buy or have everything with only money.

    What are your vies on this?
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    I do not think that those who are earning more are happy and leading a contended life. For example a person earning 1000 per month in just 5 hours of daily routine is great than a person earning 40,000 per month working for 12 hours in a office which includes even the traveling time. Here what I am trying to stress that people are good at managing time and they earn the money through right skill and the demand expected from the market. One need not work in a big company, travel long distance, and come back tired and get retired at the home without talking to anyone due to fatigue. I have seen some people doing self marketing of products either made by themselves or procured from the market and making 1000 rupees daily as profit and that too working for short hours, attending to personal works, attending to the demands of wife and son.
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    It is not true. Money is a part of your life. It is not everything in life.
    You have lot of food in refrigerator. But you ar having the problem of indigestion. Then what will you do with that food. You have bed costing Rs.50000/-, but you are not able to sleep properly. Then what is the use of that bed.
    So there is no relation between richness and happiness. A person who struggle from morning to evening, will feel happy in the evening when he gets his daily wage. He will eat happily with his family and sleep on the floor with a bedsheet and pillow. He will definitely have a sound sleep.
    Money is required to some extent to have your two times meal, clothes and a shelter . Beyond that if we have it will be a worry only. Once you start thinking about earning more and more, you will not give any importance other aspects of life. So you will lose your happiness. You will be like a money earning machine.

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    Mr. Umesh, Money is always important but more important is relationship and love for your family, friends, colleagues, job, and people, near and dear ones.

    In my opinion, increase in income really makes me happy. As an instance, I would always be upset with my pale face if I fail to earn minimum amount a month to meet my minimum requirements. Change in income makes me happy because I would be able to improve my current position. I would be able to pay my internet bills, electricity bills, water bills etc. If ones income is less than what he consume then you would plan or Ponder to increase your income to be the happiest man.

    Increase in income will certainly make most happy.

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    Definitely increease in income doesn't make us happy. I still remember that I first got my first salary of Rs. 1548/- while undergoing training at Eastern Railway Training School at Bhuli near Dhanbad. I could not believe my eyes and my hands were trembling when I first received my first salary. Today, even after deposit of more than 60 times in my Salary Account every month, I don't feel any satisfaction.

    Satisfaction comes from contentment, not from the income.

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    Increase in income makes on happy.This is especially true at lets in the initial years of our career. I re,member how we will be waiting for a small DA increase so that our salary will be increasing. In the initial years of my career the annual increment was twenty rupees or so. But getting that was a real happy moment.
    For many of us in ISC, even a small increase in cash credit gives us happiness. Getting revenue share bonus gives us happiness.

    But later on when we have all the the essential things and we lead a reasonable contented life,probably money may not be that much priority as it was earlier. At that time there can be other happiness giving parameters than money. At various stages of our life marriage,children, children's achievements and success, children's job, children's marriage ,grandchildren or even giving donations to worthy and deserving causes all give us happiness than increase in income.

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