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    Those who are achievers in life always hailed from poor family . Do you agree ?

    Right from my childhood I am watching those who have progressed well in their life , had the history of poor family, their nurturing was challenging to the parents and yet they brought glory and fame to themselves and family. I was responding here after hearing the personal achievements of judges who are now hosting the famous dance program on National television. All of them were poor once upon a time and they developed in the life through hard work and dedication. What I am asking from members that only poor has the pain and agony and accept the challenge to reach top and why not people with rich background ?
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    This is not always correct. However, it is generally seen that poverty develops some qualities like determination to succeed, mental strength, courage and fighting abilities, which help people to be successful.
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    In many cases your observation is correct. But there are some exemptions also. I know one doctor in Kakinada. He is very rich and very famous doctor in that city. His son is a very intelligent boy. He studied MBBS and MS in government college without paying any donation. His father is general Physician. The son is Ortho Surgeon. Now the father is no more. But the son got a very good reputation as a ortho surgeon. He is treated as the number one in that district head quarters.
    More than poverty I feel the way in which they were brought up will give better understanding of the life. Then they will try to excel in their life.
    But I agree majority of achievers are from poverty background.

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    To some extend. I would say not all. I have seen poor man's kids who smoke, drunk and remain dull and fight and curse their parents if they fail to offer their demands.

    There are two types of people. One is a person with poor man's mind and another the real achiever who understand the pang and agony of their parents and situation never give up until they achieve their goals or dreams no matter what and at any cost.

    I, 50% agree with you.

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    The rich are supposed to have achieved something in their life. Only the poor people long for some achievement. So, achievement is not a rich man's word, but always a poor man's dream.
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    Rightly said by the author Sun. Rich people wont care for progress , but poor are more centric on that.
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    This is not a general statement but yes, there are many successful people who hail from poor families.

    Statistically most of the successful people are from middle class.

    Top upper class and rich class are already having advantage of links and sources through which they reach the top positions like children of celebrities.

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    The reason for some persons from poor background achieving high goals can be understood easily by the challenge and difficult task ahead of them and they have to take it in a determined fashion with lot of hard work. Further they do not have any pull or push to help them to get to top. They have to fight it out their selves.

    Those who are not from poor background will not have that type of urge for reaching to their objectives.

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    Those born with 'golden spoons' or 'silver spoons' have from their birth or in early childhood most things others feel urge to achieve and possess. So they do not have the needed urge and motivation to 'work' for those. However for those who are poor everyday becomes a struggle and fight for survival and existence. Thus they work hard to attain their goals and become achievers.
    But there are many people who were born rich but still did well and became achievers. Many industrialists and business groups have become like that. Jawaharalal Nehru was from a well to do family only.

    I have read and to the extent believed that 'Eduucation thrives in adverse circumstances". But my father used to tell me that 'Education is capital to the poor , interest to the rich'.

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    I agree with Mr.Partha. To be successful and reach at the top there should be a hunger (burning desire). Who will have this? generally poor people because they lack money, status, good living standards. So all these are the attractions for them and they want to achieve them with their hard work, determination and continuous efforts. One thing to note that 'poverty is the best teacher in the world.'
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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