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    Did you have any such experience in your life?

    Last Friday, while in Bangaluru, I visited a mall to have lunch. In a north Indian food stall, I ordered a Delhi meal for Rs. 240 and gave the cashier girl one 500 rupee note. In return, the cashier girl gave me the bill and Rs. 1760(3 five hundred rupee notes, two hundred rupee notes one twenty rupee note and two ten rupee notes). I simply wondered to see the three five hundred rupee notes, I smiled and said to the Cashier girl" Oh Dear, If you manage your food stall in this manner, your boss will become bankrupt soon." She asked,"What happened Sir?" I showed her the balance she returned to me. Immediately, she realised her mistake and said,"Sorry Sir' and took back the excess cash.

    For fun, I asked her," Dear Cashier, I have saved you from a loss of 1500 /- today, Is there any reward for my honesty? She said,"God is great. I really appreciate your honesty in this greedy world. How can I help you sir? What do you want? Nothing will equate your honesty." I said,"You are right. I don't want to disappoint you. Just give me one additional Papad free of cost." She said,"Surely." and brought two papads for me. I took one and returned one. She smiled and said,"Thank you Sir. You are a thorough gentleman."

    @ Members, Did you also experience any such things in your life. If so, narrate it here, and post your comments.
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    Yes, this type of incidence occasionally happens. Today morning I went to purchase milk. It cost Rs. 42/- (a litre). I gave the shopkeeper a Rs. 100/- note and she returned Rs. 68/-. I returned Rs. 10/- but did not ask for another packet of milk free of cost.

    (Just joking!)

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    A "thorough gentleman" will never ask for freebies or anything at all in exchange for honesty. Honesty should come instinctively. It is not a commodity to exchange.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    One day I travelled in a cab from our house to railway station. Rs.2000/- notes and Rs.500/- notes were introduced just those days only.
    I Paid him money and he gave some change. I counted the money and it is coming excess. I asked the cab driver why he paid me more. Then he explained me that I have given him Rs. 600/-. The bill is Rs. 174/-. The balance is Rs.426/-. Till such time I am under the impression that I have given him two, Rs.100/-. notes. I appreciated the driver and I gave him Rs.50/- as tip for his good gesture.

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    I have said in this thread - For fun, I asked her.............." and to have a chat with that good looking cashier girl for a while. She is from North-East with an attractive smiling face with a dimpled cheek. I am a papad lover, especially the Masala papad that was kept in the show case of that food stall. We can demand anything with love for free of cost. 'Thorough Gentleman ' was the word uttered by the girl, not demanded by Sun.

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    The girl used those words, that is obvious from the text. All the more reason to not take advantage of it, isn't it? The way I see it, you took advantage of her courteous behaviour towards you. You "demanded" the freebie - obnoxious, really, I find it. Just not done! It is not like as though the papad was given as a complimentary item with your meal. It would have been even more honest if you had paid for that papad rather than demanded for it free of cost.

    When we start thinking it is perfectly OK to making such demands/expecting something in return (we think, it is just a papad), it can lead to larger such demands at some point in life. Curb this tendency at the outset. Never undermine one's values of honesty and simple goodness by "demanding anything with love free of cost". Just think it over.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Thank you Madam,
    I never thought that a single papad would create big waves at ISC . Yet I remain a thorough gentleman to myself as said by the good girl. Sorry, I don't go for larger demands as God has provided everything that I need in my life with my good wife.

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    I had have came across such instances. Once, I brought a potato and the shopkeeper returned 2x the amount to me but I only realized after reaching home and never bother to return it back. Lol. This doesn't mean that I am dishonest but it was too late for me to return since he hails far of place when I gave the second visit.
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    I do not remember any such event in my life but many times they return less and after telling they will rectify their mistake.

    I do not know why it happens in one direction only. Your example is really very interesting and the happiness you have brought to that girl is great and exemplerly.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    First of all when we are at a public places like malls and restaurants, such mistakes at the cashier counter are bound to happen and it all depends on the honesty of the person who gets extra cash by mistake. Once my boss gave me 10,00,000 to deposit in the bank and I have not counted the amount as the bag was handed over by him in the running car and the bank slip was given to just deposit in the bank. Being on the road, I have not counted and went straight to the bank and handed over the bag to the cashier and the slip. The cashier counted all the cash and found that 50,000 extra bundle is there. That means instead of 10,00,000 by boss has given 50,000 extra. Whether he has done intentionally or to test my integrity or the banks cashier trust worthiness. I do not know. But the cashier returned the 50,000 and I have returned the same to the boss and he immediately gave me 2000 as gift.
    K Mohan
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    Today I am seeing a deluge of interesting threads. This one is particularly because the narration is made in a frank and flowing manner.

    I also remember a few incidents that I had but the amount involved was less than 50. I had given it back and got a big thanks from the shopkeepers.

    Mr Mohan's narration is also very impressive and seeing the large amount involved it presents an example of high level of integrity and honesty.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very recently I too got the same kind of experience. I have actually saved bronze 5 rupee coins but at some point of time I thought I should not hold it in one place and it should be rolled out and hence went to SBI and asked for exchange. The teller immediately accepted and at that time I had taken only 600 rupees and after so many time calculation, he gave me six 500 rupees notes. I really stunned and told him that he gave me six 500 rupees notes instead of six 100 rupees notes and returned the same. He said thanks and gave me six 100 rupees notes.

    I feel this new 500 rupees notes making people to get confused as it is smaller than 100 rupees notes. So govt/RBI should do something in this regard.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It has happened many times to me and also some times I was also the victim. The shopkeeper may forget to add one item and give the balance. Sometimes the addition subtraction goes wrong and he hands over excess balance. But whenever I had found it I had duly returned it either then and there or on reviewing the shopping accounts. The reverse also had happened a few times. I had given extra amount than needed. The shopkeeper had returned it to me. I had forgotten to take the shopping kit after paying for it. One or two items left there etc.etc. After all we have to work on mutual trust and honesty only.
    I believe there is double entry accounting in God's accounts also. If we are dishonest, others will also be dishonest to us. A gain made by wrong ways will lead to much more loss in some other end. I believe in that.

    But with big malls an large stores I had found that there were lot f billing mistakes to my disadvantage. But I had taken up and mostly in al occasions got it remedied. As I usually make payment by card in such place the balance difference do not occur. But billing mistakes, yes .

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