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    Is the society moving in correct direction?

    Society is nothing but a group of people. In this group there are different types of persons. Earlier days the people in the society used to have some restrictions and controls. Elders used to control youngers not to cross the limits. In other words less freedom.

    But these days, there are no restrictions. Full freedom to all. Especially youth is becoming more independent and parents are not able to control them. In the name of fashion youth is becoming more westernised. The way in which college going girls and boys behaving is becoming beyond control. Sometimes they even forget gender difference also. This is leading to harassment and acid attacks. Today I have seen in the newspaper about one more acid attack.

    Do you think we are on the right path? opinions of members will be of great help.
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    We are responsible for our actions and consequences. And I felt that everybody will be held accountable for their own actions. There are many youths these days, who are running very hard on the wrong track. It is the parents who are solely responsible for the child's character. A person of good birth is judged by his/ her behaviour. Parents must teach children's openly.

    There are also some kids and teens who never listen to parents until regret takes place their dreams, desire etc.

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    Society is not moving in the right direction. We the parents are equally responsible for upbringing of children in right way and their little strange behavior should be checked and warned. I have seen that those who are having one child have enough way to pamper and give all the freedom and rights and the child goes berserk even without caring the words and advise of parents. Being a single child they listen to all the nakras and thus succumb to his pressure tactic of living in style and forgetting totally how the parents are managing his living and progress. And moving with the peer group is important. Even one bad friend in a group of good friends, the damage can be immense.
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    Society changes from time to time to yield to new trends and styles. Only thing is sometimes changes are slow and gradual but sometimes they are abrupt.

    I thing presently we are passing through an abrupt change. This has happened in some developed countries long back. There is always a danger of losing ones cultural and traditional ties and generation partition sets in.

    It is not a healthy condition but seems inevitable. The technological advancements coupled with materialistic lifestyle and unending ambitions are taking a toll on ones heritage.

    Knowledge is power.

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