A Healthy Oil for a Healthy You

Dear Folks,

Most of us lives in the Metropolitan Cities in India, where we are spending most of our life running between the Pole and the Pillar in the hope that one day we will have enough to live the life of our dreams.

But in this race of the Wealth we have completely ignored our Health.

On every new year or on birthday most of us make a resolution to hit the gym every day and make the most out of it.
We will try to bring the money motivation factor into the play by paying a handsome amount in high facility gyms, but 90% of the times it is just a waste.

It is not the lack of motivation or the self realization, but actually it happens due to our life style. We are so busy in our life that we actually don't have enough time to spend on our-self.

To solve this problem up to some extent after a great amount of R&D, Deejay has come up with the best solution for a healthy life without an extreme workout. It is the Deejays Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

It is been proved scientifically that the VCO is the best source if Lauric Acid other then Mother's Milk. It has lot of medical benefits and has unmatched anti-bacterial properties. Deejay Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains 50% quantity of Lauric Acid and has a shelf life of 18 months to 2 year. It can be used as a food additive or can be used for direct intakes.

Please visit www.deejayfarm.com for more information on this beautiful product or reach us @ +91-8123001604 for more information.