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    With father's pocket money we were happy. But with our own money we are falling short of wants.

    It is the fact that every one us have been enjoying the pocket money gave by our parents especially by mother and father separately and we used to fulfill our aspirations and requirements with ease. Now with our own earning, we are not able to meet even the necessities leave alone other wants and luxury living. But we must appreciate the parents used to give us money for free and we used to enjoy without even realizing that those money were important for future. Members can share their views on this .
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    As a child our needs are limited and we are happy with whatever pocket money we receive. In fact at that time our knowledge is only limited to the fact that our parents are bringing money from their worklace and out of that they are also giving us an amount as pocket money and if we do some mischief or act of disobedience that can be stopped as an punishment for some time. Due to that fear we could not think any further. Even asking a raise in that amount was considered as sin.

    Today when we are earning money we have so many responsibilities and things to manage that we are at our wits end to manage the financial aspects of our family.

    So with our money we are not as free and as happy as we used to be with that small amount of pocket money.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In today's world value of money is very less. The cheapest commodity available is money. But in our childhood days money is very costly. Very few people used to have a lakh of rupees. All commodities were very cheap. I remember, my father used to give me one rupee every college day. I used to go to my junior college by bus. For going 40 paise and coming back another 40 paise. 80 paise used to go for tickets. With the remaining twenty paise I used to eat one plate Idly in the hotel in that small town. Some days I used to go with my friends on their cycles. So I used to save that 40 paise. Every week I was almost saving upto 2 or 3 rupees. From that money I used to purchase a weekly telugu magazine to my sister which was costing about 60 paise. After all these expenditure I could save Rs.8o/ in that two years of education. With that money I purchased an imported wrist watch which I used wear during my graduation. Those days the value of money is like that.

    But these days you have money but your wishes also are very high. So expenses are increasing. We spend lot of money for various items, We go out for eating. We pay huge amount of fees to our children's education. The essential items in the house are costing more and more.With all these expenses around you feel sorry that you can't spend even a small amount for yourself.

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    What an interesting and truthful observation, I am really thankful to the author for giving an opportunity to give our views on that.

    First of all the memory of pocket money is still bringing the careless sweet memories where with that money we were feeling ourselves like a prince. We were able to purchase petit edible items from the hawkers during the school interval or after school and relished them. Today we can not relish food even in a good restaurant always thinking their rates which are increasing day by day.

    Unfortunately when all the responsibility of family is on us and our desires are limitless how can we enjoy life.

    The fact is two scenarios are entirely at different poles one is the spending without knowing from where it is coming or how much hard work is being done for that while another is knowing everything and pretending to enjoy under that burden.

    Knowledge is power.

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