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    Address of Sri Chaitanya School

    Sri Chaitanya School , Behind Remond Room,IDSMT layout,Manthralayam Road,Raichur,Karnataka - 584101. This address of the is correct. In URL of the School if it searched in location you will get state and branch option. If you search Karnataka state in Branch search for Raichur branch it will give you same address.

    this information is according the URL of the school.
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    Shrinath Umakanat Patil,

    You can provide this information as an update at the school page along with some descriptive text about the school, such as infrastructure and facilities. For this, go to the school page and scroll to the bottom of the page to submit the updated information. The editors will check if it is a valid update and if so, you can earn points and cash credits for it.

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    There is no updated information of this school. If I post it will again be pending status. Please guide me so i will do it as it is.

    Shrinath Umakant Patil

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    I thought you were mentioning some incorrect information in an existing school post! I located the school page and found that it was your own post and then understood that likely you posted this thread because the editor mentioned that the website was not working. Please be more clear henceforth, with specifics. You could have given us the URL of the school page and then stated what you did in the response above (which also you did not express clearly in the main text of the thread). It will help us to deal with the issue quicker.

    If the school which you post is a branch, then you can mention in the descriptive text that it is one of the many branches of the school and there is a common website for the group of schools. Also note: You could provide better descriptive content, mentioning the infrastructure and facilities, and please correct the grammar in the text. Use the edit button and make the necessary changes.

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