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    Need Urgent Help in Job Section

    Well honestly it's a very small request and would definitely be glade if someone be kind enough to help me out. I was away for two months due to my semester ending exam for which I wasn't much in touch with ISC. I have seen a lot of changes has been made and while I was going through the forum threads, I came across a comment where one of the regular member mentioned that a lot of changes were made in the Job Section. Since I ONLY contribute in the Job Section, I desperately look for any recent announcement related to the Job section to know about the recent changes BUT I only came across 1 recent announcement which was about the 'Job Posting Limits'. So, now coming to my request, could anyone please provide the links to any other recent announcements related to Job section within this last 2 months ? It will do me a great if anyone could help out this poor lost fellow.
    Thank you in Advance
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    As far as I know , only one announcement was there regarding postings of jobs in jobs section. What I understand from that thread is there is a restriction on number of jobs allowed to be posted in 24 hours. There are some questions about how to decide on this 24 hours. Still a final outcome has not come I think. Other than this there are no updates regarding this section. I have not seen any change in methodology etc.
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    Changes has been made overall in the site including job section.

    But not too many changes made at job section except introducing limiting maximum of 15 job posts per member in the last 24 hours.

    Except the change metioned above no other changes made at job section in the last two months.

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