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    Which is better - Uber or Ola?

    Uber and Ola are great transport service providers in metropolitan cities. They are cheaper than the auto fare. They are available at our door step promptly. They are easily available to the customers. What is required is a mobile to call. I always use Uber services. I don't know much about Ola. I think Ola is costlier than Uber.

    Members, What is your good/bitter experience, and comment about these two transport service providers? Who is the best?

    Are there any other transport service providers who are better than these two?
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    To me Uber is the best one compared to Ola.
    Uber fares better, offers Regular discounts, less cancellations by Uber drivers.
    On the other side, la drivers accept the booking and does not come to the location, Upon calling them for update, either they don't pickup the call or act like their Tyre gt punctured, Petrol over etc, and at the same refuse to cancel the ride from their side. They in turn ask the customer to do so... I have personally witnessed this behavior from Ola cab drivers in Pune twice and heard the similar complaints from other colleagues...

    K K

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    From my personal experience, Uber is marginally better than Ola in terms of cost. The other factors relating to punctuality, quality of drivers, quality of cars, etc., both are almost equal.

    This is my personal view.

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    I have used both Uber and Ola and I feel Uber is better than ola in terms of their fare. Also the cab available in uber are mostly sedan when compared to ola which makes passengers comfortable. But otherwise both ola and uber are equal in behaviour of drivers, punctuality etc.

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    From the experience being faced by me and our relatives, I feel Ola cabs are more reliable in service and the rates are also very affordable. You know the secret of getting the cheaper ola among the rates being displayed while seeking the booking. Never book the cab on first sight. Just wait for more vehicles to get into contact and there by the competition hots up the rates would be lesser. From Manikonda to Safilguda, firstly the rates were demanded at 550, then after we waiting a while the rates came down to 450 and within few minutes it was 385 which is cheaper considering four people travelling. So that has been booked and got benefited. What I feel that Uber is costly the rates wont come down. Because the owner driven cars attached Uber are less when compared to the Ola. Even autos are available on Ola.
    K Mohan
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    In my experience Uber is better. As far as wrong charging, delayed reporting etc are concerned both are having those deficiencies time to time.
    One thing which I observed that more than to blame Uber or Ola it is sometimes the human element the driver is the culprit behind mischiefs and confusions. The management has no control on that sitting on top of an application somewhere near their computer servers. At the most they blacklist him for some time or punish in other ways but the customer has already suffered the inconveniences.
    The application of Uber appears to be more robust and less prone to bugs etc. The promotional offers of Uber are having clarity and transparency and I have benefitted by them few times.

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    Personally I used Ola more than Uber. In Hyderabad Ola and Uber are doing good service. The rates are more or less same. If we use Ola regularly we get lot of coupons to use and by applying these coupons we will be getting some reduction in rates. Nowadays the rates of both Ola and Uber marginally increased. My sons say Uber is cheaper than Ola to some extent. Service wise both the organisations are on same frequency. Mostly it depends on the drivers.
    Once I had a very bitter experience with uber. I booked a cab from Banjara hills to Moulali. After coming up to Tarnaka the driver stopped the car and says the trip is terminated. He says nothing is in his hands. Then I have to get down there, get another cab and travel. It took more time and money for me.
    The experiences of different people with the organisations are different. Ultimately my conclusion is both Ola and Uber are on par almost.

    always confident

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