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    Queries take the front seat and the thread topic rests on the back seat - Do you agree?

    It is my sincere observation that the queries take the front seat and thread topic is put on the back seat. Why I say this? Because, in the recent days, Members point earned in the same thread has become a point of discussion, and the topic for discussion is ignored. Is it a healthy practice at ISC?

    @ This is much related to Sunday Morning Sweet Meat Problem.
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    It is quite natural. When a simple question can't be answerd by Members (except two), but beating around the bush continues to earn points, thread topic obviously takes the back seat. Totally understandable!
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    It has become a practice at ISC to ignore the main purpose of raising a thread and instead if one member rakes up the issue not connected to the thread at all, and that has been followed and the main topic is totally forgotten. A separate editor must be appointed on line always who should look into such deviation and delete those responses which are not connected to the topic at all. Otherwise the ISC would become a laughing stock in the years to come and the new members wont join this site at all. A serious thinking on the matter would be solicited and the administration needs to take action.
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    I understand that there are mainly two types of thread. One is where a theme is presented by the thread raiser and other members give their views and discussion takes place around that subject.
    Other type of threads are where a member raises a query which probably does not qualify for ask expert section. Members are also responding to this type of thread also because everyone has something in answer to that query and chatting goes on around that query.

    This appears alright from forum point of view and anywhere any site in internet same pattern is going on.

    I am not feeling anything unusual in forum section so far.

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    Partha's response is not convincing. It was a quiz or a puzzle to solve. Not a thread to raise query on point scoring and solving. A separate thread should have been raised to sort out the score problem. No member has gone to beat around the bushes. They were decent enough to respond your post. Out of 17 responses posted, 10 were related to point scoring. ISC editors should have a check on such threads with irrelevant responses.
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    My view is definitely some beating around the bush is going on. It is a part of life. We have to accept. But many of the threads going correctly and with useful contributions. Some irrelavent discussions are unnecessary but can't be avoided.
    The queries raised are also answered by many people. It is nice to answer the question directly. In these type of threads also some times some discussion may come in. That's Ok.
    As felt by Mr. Umesh the proceedings are going on in line in general. But always there will be some exemptions when people of different mentalities are involved. Ultimately points only will give you the higher level memberships. Every one has to struggle for that. It is natural

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