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    Suggestions for the next step

    HI, friends, I bought aRedmi note 4 through online in April. It's functioning and is totally different from all mobiles I used to have windows phone as it is my first android mobile I don't even find out that the mobile came with home button friends told me actual problem when I took it to service center their answer shocked me "EBAY IS NOT OUR AUTHORIZED DELAR YOU GOT A DUPLICATE PRODUCT WE CANT HELP YOU".I contacted the seller through emails he told YOU RESHIP THE PRODUCT TO US WITH YOUR OWN MONEY AND YOUR RISK WE WILL CHECK THE PROBLEM AND HELP YOU WITH".Now within a week the touch responding slowly, in next few days the phone apps open and close automatically and the phone hangs today the charger pin and data cable were not working.The mobile is showing me hell.Now my problems are in the initial stage only if it was getting these many problems what will the case after one year.I called the customer care and they told as I used the product for two months we can't refund you the money or replace the product.Now, what should I do further.Will it be useful if I approach consumer forum, please share your suggestions.
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    This is one more classic example of purchasing a branded item through online marketing and then get penalized for no fault of the customer. Redmi phone is available in the branded stores next to your home and they are protected by the guarantee and warranty. It is really astonishing to hear that on line companies are not entering into service agreements with the service centers and hence their products are not taken responsible by the service centers of the said brands. Now sue them for the loss occurred to you. Go to the press or media and highlight the plight. The marketing company would come down and replace.
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    Generally when we purchase items on line, if any problem is noticed within two months they will not replace the article. But like any other purchase the item will be provided with guarantee. So if you approach the customer service centre with your item and guarantee card they will do free service but any replacement of parts you have to pay. The same is the case if you purchase from a showroom also. But the onsite party from whom you have booked is not a reliable source I think Going to consumer forum may not be useful if there is no deviation in the rules of supply. You go through the terms and conditions of supply of item on line. If you find any difference in what is written there and their response now, then you can think of approaching the consumer forum. Otherwise it may not be very useful.
    Only way has to apply some pressure on the supplier. But how far it will be successful is very doubtful.

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    I am very happy to deliver this news to you I gave a complaint to the eBay grievance department accepted my request and approved my claim for which i had paid for my mobile and the courier charges actually what happen was I shipped the product to the seller and updated all the issues which am facing with my mobile. He kept the mobile one week at the service center and sent back the product to me without any service. I conveyed the same to the eBay grievance department they apologized for what had happen and approved my refund
    Abdhul Firoz.

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    When you deal with online shopping, please be extra alert.
    1.When the consignment arrives look and ensure that the package is not broken and seal not tampered.

    2.Feel that the pack has some weight proper and normal to the ordered item plus some packing material.

    3. Open the pack without delay and ensure that the contents are as per order and the accessories mentioned are present.

    4. Test use a without delay (electronic or appliances) and be satisfied. If any problem is found immediately contact the customer care department of the online portal attaching the photo of the damage/defect and giving full details . A copy can be endorsed to the seller also for fast resolving the issue.

    5. The earlier and precise the issue is communicated,the faster will be solution and redress.

    6. If a product is exclusively marketed by one particular portal, then it is preferable to deal with them only. Otherwise there can be issue of warranty and service sometimes.

    7. One should be clear about the return/refund conditions and time limit.

    Personally, my experience with Ebay(India) is very good.

    In the present case:
    you have used the product and the normal return/refund time limit is over.So legally and technically neither the seller no the online portal can be held guilty and responsible to make compensation.
    But still, you can ask the seller mainly and ask Ebay to use their goodwill to somehow remedy the situation : i.e. rectify the phone and make it usable for you. You may plead that you were not experienced and it was the first time you did an online purchase. In case they get convinced(mainly the seller).
    If that is not helping you, contact the service centre and get it serviced/repaired by paying the charges.

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