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    GST for Content Writers

    As whole India is talking about the different levels of GST slabs levied on various categories of goods and services, I would like to ask you all the most relevant question.
    What is impact of GST on Content Writers? Any Idea? Do we need to register for GST ?
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    GST for content writers ? First time coming across. Probably government would have also missed about this subject for taxation. But I feel content writing is not the regular job or act by many as they occasionally write and get paid. That may be the reason the government has not touched this subject. Moreover the amount paid for content writing is not big and that is paltry. Even at ISC the earnings of the members are not wind fall and just meager and decent payment. Therefore I feel that for the content writing there is no GST and we have been exempted. Nevertheless wait for others to respond.
    K Mohan
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    Content writing is a professional job. whether it is part time or full time earnings are earnings. This content writing may also come under services act. This content isbeing developing for somebody. So it is a service. Hence it may come under GST.
    It is better we approach a person who is having full knowledge of GST. The income what we are earning in content writing also taxable. So the doubt what I got is whether we have to apply GST and IT also or only one. Experts in this taxation field should give a way forward for this genuine doubt.

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    I agree with Srinivasa Rao, As it is being written for other person, It is considered as a Service...
    But as you suspect, If both Income Tax and GST apply on the bloggers earnings, Blogging Career option will come to an end in INDIA soon...

    K K

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