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    Why invest on property and gold

    Everyone today are saving their money and invest on either gold or property. No matter how much gold a person has at home or on how many property he has invested, if he has sufficient money he would again think of buying gold or a property or a house. The reason people buy gold or property is, it might be of some help when needed. They can re-sell property or gold and can get a good value as both always have a good appreciation value.
    But in reality, I have not seen people selling off their gold or property when they are in trouble. Even if they sell, they invest again on something better. I haven't seen anyone getting themselves help by selling gold or property.
    Then what is d reason for investing and keeping things without using them?
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    It has been age old practice and tradition that those who had excess money over and above after meeting the necessities of life have always thought of investing in property and gold. While investing in properties like land and buildings is for the long term benefits, investing in gold would always brings even short term benefits. Why the new bride and groom are given with so much gold and silver items during the marriage because, during the crisis they can pledge the same and mitigate the problems of challenges of life without seeking anybodies help for that moment. Moreover even a money lender would be easily accessible and give the loan against the loan, and of course at a high interest. Now a days banks are giving affordable interest loans on gold and that way gold is always user friendly.
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    So far historically property and gold are two items which may remain stagnant for a long time but suddenly a time comes when they show tremendous growth and surpass many investment avenues like bank deposits, shares and other misc deposits.

    This is a very unique thing with these two items and to some extent silver has also picked up same path recently.

    Any way this is not a forecast for their future behaviour but is totally based on their past performance.

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    One need not sell gold or property while in need. They can always mortgage the property or gold at a very cheaper interest rates and get benefitted. It is not easy to get some sum as loan without paying any interest. By pledging gold or property, we can benefit with very less interest.
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    Because these were the safest heavens to stash black money. Nowadays, as the clutch on black money is getting tougher, people are slowly moving away from these assets. The recent rise in stock markets is due to this effect only as people started investing in stock markets now.

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    If we have some money excess there are many ways to invest it. Out of the methods there are some ways where your investment will get very high returns but you have to take some risk. Share market is this kind of investment. There are some ways where your investment is safe but returns are less. Bank fixed deposits are of this type.
    Investment in property is of no risk if you go through the connected papers and take care of encumbrance. Here also chances of your investment increasing are very high. Only important point is to see the correctness of the papers and encumbrance. Investment in gold is of no risk. But nowadays gold rates are almost stagnant. It is not very wise. Before demonetisation these two instruments are useful to circulate black money. But now how is it possible with so many restrictions on gold purchase and cash withdrawals.


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    Both Gold and real estate have ever appreciated in value. They are always taken as security in case of need to borrow. Both are scare and hence the value goes up . So people invest in them as sure bets.

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