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    Sow the seed of hope, try with water of perseverance, be positive with can possible...then

    Sow the seed of hope, try with water of perseverance, be positive with can possible, Surely success succeeds. Yes this is the reality which has happening to every achiever amid us. When we sow the seed of hope , it must be a real one with most commitment to the cause, And after that nurturing the hope is important and that should be watered regularly with perseverance and trust. And on being positive and with " I can " positive attitude with us arise. If that is there, then the success is hardly a stone throw away and one can achieve the same with ease.
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    Trying with hope and perseverance will always yield positive results. When you plant a seed it requires some time to get into a tree. You have to carefully nurture it by properly watering it and giving required attention. You should have to wait to enjoy the fruits. Basing on the land, environmental conditions and how you nurture it the tree will yield the fruits. Waiting for the fruits from next day is of no use.
    My grand father used to tell a story. A man was very fond of Mango fruits. He got some raw mangoes from the field. He placed them in grass in a dark room. He knows that it will take a weeks time for getting fruits. But out of anxiety every day he used to take out the fruits and see once and again keep them back. As he is doing this because of getting exposed to different condition they got spoiled and no fruits.
    Like this without giving sufficient efforts in the right direction and do the things in haste, your results will be discouraging only. Plan, act as required and put in efforts in the right direction. Success will be yours.

    always confident

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    The three elements described by the author are really very important for positive thinking and positive efforts. Many people do efforts in life but they stop there efforts midway and do not achieve their goals. Continuous efforts are the key to success.

    Patience is one factor which is of utmost importance in pursuing success and it comes with perseverance. Many people assume that they are unlucky and will not be successful and on that assumption waste the most valuable thing in life that is time.

    Working does not mean that you will be rewarded but sustained and continuous activity can definitely bring laurels to you. Those who doubt this philosophy will miss their chances of success time and again.

    Knowledge is power.

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