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    The effect of alzebra in our life

    This is to know and discuss the effect of alzebra calculation in our life. In alzebra there are two signs, one is the positive sign(+) and the other is the negative (-).
    When you multiply these two signs you get it like this.

    + x + = + (Positive x Positive = Positive)
    + x - = - (Positive x Negative = Negative)
    - x + = - (Negative x Positive = Negative)
    - x - = + (Negative x Negative = Positive)

    By this, what I wish to convey is - In our life, to lead a positive and happy life, the husband and wife should be of same sign and attitude. If husband is with positive attitude, Wife should also be with positive attitude. If Husband is with negative attitude, wife should also be negative. If they are of different attitude, life will be useless with negativity and failure without any joy and happiness.

    Following example will make it clear.

    Wife: Darling, Before the introduction of GST, We should buy some gold. We will benefit (Positive)
    Husband: Sure, Darling. You are right. We will do it today itself. (Positive)
    (Result -Both are happy - Positive)

    Wife: Darling, Before the introduction of GST, we should buy some gold. We will benefit (positive)
    Husband: Rubbish, No I don't want to buy any gold. We will not benefit (Negative)
    (Result - Both becomes unhappy - Negative)

    Husband: Let us go and watch Bahubali II today. It is a good movie (Positive)
    Wife: No, Sorry, I don't want to watch Bahubali. It is not a good movie (Negative)
    (Result - Both become unhappy - Negative)

    Wife: I do not want to attend the marriage of your relative. (Negative)
    Husband: It will be very nice if we show our presence in the marriage hall (Positive)
    (Result - Both are unhappy - Negative)

    Husband - I do not like to give it to your sister (Negative)
    Wife: - I too don't like it (Negative)
    (Result - Both are happy - Positive)

    Both husband and wife should be of either both positive attitude or both negative attitude, to lead a happy life. If they are of different attitude, life will be unpleasant and bitter forever.

    Am I right? What is your positive and negative comments on my thread?
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    If the thoughts, wishes and aspirations of wife and husband matches, their life will be smooth.
    Whatever wife says, husband accepts, life is happy
    Whatever wife says , husband rejects, life is unhappy.
    If both will discuss the issue and come to a conclusion, life will be more happy.
    As mentioned by you if both are positive it is OK. Both are negative also is ok. But one is positive and the other is negative it is the toughest part in the life. Then also we can manage in a different way. For example.
    Husband wants to go out for eating. But he knows that his wife will not accept his proposal. He has gone to wife and started the discussion.
    Husband: Hi, Are you getting ready for cooking? What are the items planned.
    Wife: No. I have no started so far. I am thinking what are the dishes to be made.
    Husband: Ok. Think. I want to have a very good food with special items made by you.
    Wife: Always you say the same thing. You are always wanted specials only. Why can't you take me to eating out today? I am not feeling like cooking.
    Husband: Oh. No problem make simple Dinner.
    Wife: Even after telling you my wish, you never say we will go out. Very unfair.
    Husband: No, No. Let us go. I thought it is better to have food in the house. However I will take you out. Get ready.
    The wife is happy and the husband is tapping his back for his management.

    always confident

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    Algebra is finding the unknown by using alphabets for the unknown value and then using the mathematical calculations finding the numerical value of the representing alphabet.

    It is quite common to assume the unknown as 'x' in algebra. So in our life when we do not something and we suppose it is 'x' then we can say we use algebra.

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    Connecting the Algebra with the life and existence has been well complied and mentioned by the author. While positive way of thinking by husband and the wife in equal terms may be distance possible and that kind of couples can be described as made for each other. Positive thinking of husband and negative thinking of wife is the natural happening as both are bought up in their life differently and one need not tow the idea of others. Negative thinking of husband and positive thinking of wife does not work out as the real spending person is the husband. And if both husband and wife are both negative thinkers, sooner or later there could be divorce. Therefore what I suggest among the four possibilities , the first one is the better and that is good for them and the others who are depended on them. Otherwise it would be total mess.
    K Mohan
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    I am also giving an example. Kindly explain it:

    Husband: Go to hell! (Positive)
    Wife: You also go to hell! (Positive)

    Would the end-result be positive in this case? Just asking.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Partha Kansabanik your response brought smile in my face. Out of fit and anger some times husband and wife would have the verbal dual and that may extend to the way you have expressed. Merely saying go to the hell, nothing going to happen for wife or husband. Only for the time being they have the solace of chided each other and that satisfaction is enough for them to continue normal relation thereafter. Now a days wife and husband quarrels wont last long and they know that by prolonging the issue, no one would benefit and hence they compromise within hours and normalcy restored.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life is not mathematics and not as simple as Algebra. It also works on the biochemistry of the Metabolism, the law of Magnetism and applying the theory of Newton's third law of motion!

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    Mr.Partha Kansabanik,
    Yes. It will have a positive effect. Both husband and wife will go to hell and live together. Is it not a positive effect of the couple living together in the hell also?

    No life without Sun

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