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    How justifiable to postmortem someone's character in one way?

    It is in history that whoever in the world tried to do something different, people tagged him/her "mental", "egoistic", "undisciplined", "stubborn" and what not? The so called "intelligent", "educated" "saint" and "guide" of our society take no time to justify his/her character with their own set of thinking. While doing so, they keep in mind of the current behavior of that person. Wouldn't it be better to go to entire history as why someone behaving in such strange way rather than doing postmortem of someone's character in entirely one sided? Wouldn't it be nice to keep two side of the situation and then start discussing? In one sided explanation, one just can not justify anyone's stand whether it is wrong or right. For every action there is always opposite reaction, I feel one should keep in this mind before analyzing someone's character.
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    I'd say very much justified. Society that we love in is a giant brain with different types of cells (us). In order to supervise everyone's work, it is necessary to categorize and brand everyone. Analysis of one's character is essential. And character isn't something variable. Attitude is. Characters and personalities remain the same throughout the life. So it is necessary to judge someone's true character.
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    I think everyone has a story. Their is always a reason, why a person behaves in a certain way in a particular situation. We as a society are too quick to judge others; we don't feel the need to go and ask that person what he/she feels; we always have opinion about others. Though it is not justified, it is what it is and we must learn to live with it.
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    It is has been happening since ages that those who are one step ahead of us and knows something more than us are bound have dig at us and doing all sorts of probing and postmortem. Greatness of the person lies who ignores the same. One cannot satisfy the society and each one belonging to it have different mentality and different thinking line to which we cannot match or convince. But unfortunately we have to adjust and live with them who are so cunning, selfish and yet they behave in such a way that they care us for lot. So never live in the foolish paradise that every needs to appreciate you.
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    It is obvious that character is not variable. However, sometimes someone's character is made because to please someone in power by some intelligent people in our society. Then, the person's image created like a true villain who is opposed by few. In this scenario purposely the other side of the story kept in dark to prove that person is wrong in anyway and anyhow.

    Here is an example:

    A monitor in class didn't like a particular student and he started torturing his each and every action. But when that student started reacting against the monitor, the monitor goes to teacher and complaint. The teacher who made the monitor, took the side of monitor and complaint about that other student's behavior to Headmaster. Other teachers took the side of their friend teacher, obviously they didn't want to oppose him and also they have to work with him in daily routine. The Headmaster heard the story of the teacher who was supporting monitor and expelled the student because he was not behaving well with the monitor. In Entire episode the main and important thing missed to discussed as why that student is not behaving well with monitor. The entire torturing part of the monitor was kept in dark. Thus, his (the other student's) character was just made in negative way because the monitor was supported by his teacher and teacher was supported by other teachers in group. Later, few other students started supporting the monitor because he had the support (power) of other teacher.

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    We see one side of someone's character and justifies,that he /she is good or bad.The character is changed according to the situations.A man ,who is established himself ,as a saint his behavior is n't up to the mark with his family.Then although he is known as a Saint outside,He is known as a evil at home.It depends on our behavior.Some times ,we see that ,when we want to leave many thing as unnoticed,people think we are weak enough. So ,behavior change according to situations.
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    It is nice to see your example. But in some cases, such student always feels that instructions given by the monitor as torture. That does not mean monitor uses his power. Of course, it is a power given to monitor to do so. If that student feels so, then there should be no monitor or he should become as monitor. The monitor holds all the responsibility about the happenings in the class. That is why he gives a set of instructions to follow. There is no room for disobeying in such an environment.


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    Well Jebaprincy, I think you didn't read my example properly. There is huge difference between "instruction" and "torture". By no mean the monitor's shouting and barking and try to show the particular student down to use his power comes in the "instruction" category but personal enmity.

    What surprising me is even there were given so many instances and prove that the monitor was "biased", still the teachers are not finding the fault in the monitor. Its really surprising attitude from the people who call themselves from education world.

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    My response is a general one and highlights human nature.

    People are humans, not saints. Most of us falter and we take the easy way out. This could mean taking sides because we do not openly want to condemn the action of someone who is on our side. That would amount to making enemies.

    We also misuse power. Power is one of the most lethal arsenals in the hand of us humans. It gets deadlier when we begin to feel that we are indispensable or when someone else is completely reliant on us.

    What we forget is that the most powerful person on earth can be replaced within a matter of minutes. Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in President, within minutes after the assassination of John F Kennedy. Power switched hands. We must remember that we are not indispensable; there is always someone who can take over.

    We also judge people because we believe we are better than them. We have no qualms about doing so, because in our minds we are the epitome of perfection, and it is fine for us to pass judgement on others because we also think we are entitled to do so.

    When people introduce themselves saying, I am honest or I am helpful, I listen to them with much amusement. Is that not for me to decide? Such people want to stay in the spotlight, any which way. They publicise their qualities so people look at them as being an affable people. When in actuality, they are conceited individuals who portray a false image.

    Most humans work with an agenda and it is designed to suit them. We prioritise things to benefit ourselves. Others are least of our priority.

    Why do you think we character assassinate other people? It is to earn sympathies of the onlookers. We do so when we fail to justify ourselves and find ourselves on a sticky wicket. We keep afloat by running down the other person. In doing so, we shift the focus from our inadequacies on to someone else. It is a tactical move, which ensures our survival. Some go about it in a planned manner, others do it unknowingly. We work our way around situations, so we come out unscathed, even if it means character assassinating someone else, as long as we stand to be proven right, in the eyes of the spectators.

    So, yes, even though it is improper, character assassination stands to be justified.

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    #602654 - A clean, straightforward and unbiased response which must be applauded. It includes every human's nature including the student, monitor, teacher and the headmaster.
    However, one thing I would like to mention here that "instruction" should be like instruction and not "demanding" or "dictating". We just need a "smile" to instruct and not "shout" to show oneself a BOSS.

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    Why to beat around the bush. I will put it like this. ISC is like a school where the members are like students. The ME is the monitor, and the Web master is the Teacher/Headmaster. Here, every activity of a member student and the monitor like Managing Editor are observed well by the member students. If the ME ( monitor) involves in torturing a member student, it won't be supported or tolerated by the other member students. Of course, the other editors like teachers will keep mum. Members will also take effective charge of the erring/misbehaving student.
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