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    What is the reason behind Hindi actors getting National Film Awards most of the time?

    I have gone through the list of Best Actor and Best Actress awards in National Film Awards. Out of the 50 times the awards being conferred, 23 times Hindi actors got as Best Actor award and 21 times Hindi actresses got Best Actress award. The ratio of winning the awards is 40-50 percent, whereas the number of Hindi films produced is only about 15 percent of total films produced in India every year. What is the reason behind Hindi actors getting the National Film Awards most of the time? Is it because Jury members don't understand other languages?
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    Though the Hindi films are produced in less quantity when compared to South Cinema, the reach of the audience matters. Once a Hindi film is released, it ,makes hype across the country and more particularly in Hindi heartland. Naturally the jury which is selected to nominate the best actors and actress also belong to those genre and thus we can see whole lots of awards goes to Hindi actors and actress. May be the Jury members are averse to other languages or they wont have liking for other languages, In fact given the volume of films produced in South , it is better to have South India films National award so that best recognition can be meted out. Good Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam along with Kannada are being produced every week and nothing gets the attention of the Jury of National award. Leave along awards for actors, even the technician and music directors are quietly forgotten.
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    Most of the people in out country are Hindi speaking and do not understand the regional languages much. I feel, when people watch these regional movies dubbed in Hindi, the meaning is not conveyed in the manner which is intended in the regional language. Thus people are not able to appreciate the movie. It is like, when a great poetry written in a particular language is translated to other languages; the poem is still good but it loses that essence which was there in the original composition.
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    I disagree to the point. Actors like Moomutty, Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan, actresses from South like Suhasini, Archana and Soundarya had won the National awards for their roles. Let us not create barrier on linguistic basis and the action and the quality of the Cinema matters. As Hindi being the largest spoken language and widely accepted language in India, the Hindi movies get more popular. It doesn't mean that good actors from the south or other than Hindi films would be neglected.

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    Mr. Jagadish Patro, I am not creating any barrier on linguistic basis. I am placing a fact. But in your response, you clearly mentioned the North-South divide by mentioning only South Indian actors, who got awards and not mentioning a single actor from other languages. But, it was not my intention to divide people on language basis. It was just my observation that how can Hindi actors get so many awards. Didn't you get that doubt after I raised this thread? Hindi, being spoken widely, doesn't mean that it can produce good films. There is no relation between good films produced and number of people speaking a particular language. The best example is Malayalam film industry.
    I somewhat agree with what Nilesh has said. May be the Jury members are looking at dubbed versions, which may loose originality while judging the films and actors.

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    Mr. Nalla: It is not fully correct that only Hindi film actors win national film awards. The Hindi film actors get prominence because we don't have much idea about actors of other regional languages. How many of us know that legendary Bengali actor Soumitra Chattopahyay received Dadasaheb Phalke award last year? How many of us know that Soumitra-babu has received Legion de' honor (the highest civilian award of France) for acting, only two months ago? He is only the second Indian who has received this prestigious honour, the first being Satyajit Ray.
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    Partha sir, you can refer to Wikipedia or any other websites regarding how many Hindi actors/actresses got National best actor awards. It is not about prominence or fame. Even I don't dispute the fact Hindi actors are more popular. That doesn't mean they can act well.

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    Mr. Nalla: Yes, I definitely agree. The fact that Hindi actors are more popular does not imply that they are better actors. I am only saying that regional films and actors winning awards are not that much discussed in media. So far as national awards are concerned, I feel that total number of awards bagged by regional films and actors is numerically more than Hindi films/actors.
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    Partha sir, you divided the whole Indian film industry into Hindi and non-Hindi. Remember that Hindi language produces only 15 percent of the total films. Even Telugu and Tamil language films outnumber Hindi films most of the times.

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    I am reiterating that your statement (heading of this thread) is factually incorrect, and you are also admitting the same.
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    Partha sir, I don't understand where I admitted that what you are saying correct except Hindi actors are more popular. I am talking about Best Actor/Best Actress awards only, which I clearly mentioned in the thread description. The exact meaning might not have conveyed properly through the thread title as its length might have increased if I included whole information in the thread title.

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    What are the languages in which movies are made in India? While States like W Bengal, Maharashtra, and the four southern states have a well flourished film industry in regional languages, many of the northern side states do not have such well flourished film industry,. They all make use of the Hindi film industry. That is why many of those who got awards for Hindi movies do not have their mother tongue as Hindi. So even if the best actor or actress award goes to a Hindi movie, it is not necessarily going for only those who speak Hindi as their mother tongue. Hindi is the national language and as such it should reflect a national character.Hindi movies have more audience. More money goes into making Hindi movies as it has a very wider audience than the regional languages. So a Hind movie can engage better artistes, better technicians and better technical aspects. These all go into the quality of the film and the opportunity for actors and other people involved in them to bring the best.
    Now that other regional movie industries have also started investing much more in them . Bahubali is one example and so it got a wide worldwide audience.

    It should be recalled that in the earlier days even Hindi movies were from 'Gemini ' which was basically head quartered in the then Madras. In those times the original stories were made in one language and remade in another language. During the middle years Hindi movies had some better technical aspects in outdoor shooting, music etc. However that has now changed and movies from Malayalam, Tamil etc.are now remade in Hindi also.

    It will be interesting to note that many of the popular Hindi movies were produced or directed by non-Hindi speaking people.

    . Hindi is national language. Efforts from all regions and regional personalities go into making Hindi movies also.Hindi movies are also viewed by people all over the nation.So it is absurd to compare Hindi movies with other regional languages for any parameter.

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    Venkiteswaran sir, first I want to correct your statement that Hindi is our national language. It is an official language. It is not the National language. It may be true that those who got national award may not have Hindi as their mother tongue. It applies to other languages also. Many actors who got national awards in regional languages also don't have that language as their mother tongue in which they got the award.
    You mentioned that more money goes to Hindi movies hence they bring out good movies with good technical expertise. Is it really true? In fact many high budget films come from South with high technical expertise.
    I completely disagree with the statement "So it is absurd to compare Hindi movies with other regional languages for any parameter". In fact, Hindi films are taking advantage of other language films by remaking their films as most of the Hindi audience won't have an exposure to other language films.

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    May be it is something to do with the selection committee. The committee may be having more hindi speaking people. So they understand hindi better. They can understand hindi dialogues much better than other languages. The films screened before the committee may be showing subtitles. But these subtitles can't be giving the inside meanings or messages. So they are liking hindi movies more and giving them the awards. So the representation in the committee should be made in such a way that all language people will get a representation. Then we will have a better justification that the deserved persons from all languages are getting awards.
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    Hi, Dr. N.V Srinivasa,
    I totally agree with you. Great explanation. The selection committee people may understand Hind in much better way than other languages.

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