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    Why the registration of marriage has been made compulsory within 30 days of marriage ?

    We all know that either too when ever arranged marriages are held, it is not compulsory to register the same with the sub registrars. But the central government has now made it compulsory for the couples who are getting married either by arranged marriage or love marriage, they have to get it registered with the competent authorities before 30 days completion from marriage day. What may be the reason for such compulsion registration. May I have law known members of this site to elicit the advantages for having the registration done for the marriages held ?
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    I have explained the reasons for the same in one of my recent articles, you can read to understand the details - How to apply for a Marriage Certificate in India - Your complete guide.

    As explained in the article a Marriage Certificate is an important document, and proof of a couple being married. This document is required when applying for a visa for the spouse, for those immigrating abroad for work. It also prevents frauds. It legalises the marriage. It helps in settling property claims and makes inheritance easier, in the case of the demise of a spouse. It also prevents abandonment.

    I think this is a good move by the Government. Such laws already exist in most of the developed countries.

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    The certificate of marriage is a very important document because it gives a license to one member to take advantage of other members position specially if he or she as the case may be is employed in overseas locations.

    Any Govt would like that people should firm up their marriage certificates in time to avoid any claims or denials at a later period. It is a very good rule that does not give cheats and touts to use it advantageously in someone's favour.

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    To say in a lighter vein, is it doubted that in modern days, the couple may change their mind? Or is the government thinking of allowing divorce proceedings just after 30 days of marriage?

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    What I presume that the differences may arrive between the couples even within shorter period of their marriage and hence for the convenience of facing law, this registration may be made compulsory.
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    Earlier days there was no Aadhaar, No Pan card. No Debit card, No credit card, No on line transfers. Slowly one after another is emerging to make the system foolproof and see that people will abide the law.
    In the same way after some more days, people may become very selfish and if they are going to get any additional advantage they say I have not married her/him. So to prevent this type of problems government may be insisting to get the marriage registered.
    One of my distinct relative was having a wife and children. But he was looking very young. So he tried to deceive a family by telling them that he was unmarried. That family was having a close friend whose daughter was unmarried. So they tried to get that man married to that girl. The boy has gone to the girl's house for seeing the girl.
    Fortunately for the girl and unfortunately for the boy, at the same time a relation came to their house and seen this boy. The relative knows that the boy was already having wife and children. He conveyed the same information to the girl's family and averted a big havoc. If the marriage is registered these kinds of frauds can be stopped.

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