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    What is exactly happening?

    Members! Please see the thread, the link of which is given below:-

    Love him....

    I had raised the thread for a specific purpose. The purpose had not been fulfilled. But some senior Members (including the Managing Editor, really sorry to say) took the thread to an entirely different direction of shortened name(s) of the Member(s), and started a totally different debate. Only a senior Member (Mr. Venkiteswaran) pointed out that the thread was going to a different direction. Before I got the time to clarify the issue, the thread was abruptly closed, and an offshoot was initiated. The offshoot thread is now being discussed in the Forum section.

    In view of the circumstances mentioned above, I would like to know:-
    (a) Why the aforementioned thread was taken to an entirely different direction?
    (b) Why the aforestated thread was abruptly closed within two days (actually, less than two days), depriving me a chance to clarify?

    Thanking in advance for the clarification. No offence meant to any particular Member.
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    I have already pointed out such type of threads through my thread - Queries are taking front seat and the topic for discussion is put on the back seat. You are also one among such members who take the thread off the track. Why that did not pinch you and this pinches you, Partha Kansabanik?
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    It pinches me because the thread had been locked before I could clarify. I also find it peculiar that the entire discussion in the locked thread was totally in a different direction which I never imagined while writing the post.
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    Mr. Partha Kansabanik,
    Just go back to your thread on mathematical calculation in a sweet meat shop, and see the majority of number of boring point scoring responses from you and other members.
    ISC Admin is right in locking the thread as it is related to love/ hate/ignore of a particular individual. According to me, your thread is eligible for deletion, not a lock.

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    Mr. Sun: Please don't try to hijack this thread. Let other Members (including the Editors) also respond. Moreover, I humbly submit that the world including the ISC does not function according to your own sweet will.

    Thank you for reading this response.

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    I can't understand you Mr. Partha Kansabanik. ISC will be same for all. Partha Kansabanik should not try and demand special rules for him. I am on the same track -' What is exactly happening'. I told you what exactly happened so far.
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    I have been mentioning in many posts across this forum section that if the member does not have the right answer to the thread raised by the author, it is better to refrain and make any comments. Instead I found that threads are normally hijacked and discussed for the different issues which connects to the member who have interfered with other issues. Therefore the main cause of the thread has gone unattended and the editor feels that the situation goes out of control and lock the thread abruptly much to the annoy of author. Here both members and editors are required to probe their own mistakes.
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    Partha, your thread under reference was locked because it needed to be locked. Can you be frank enough to disclose the thought behind your thread (should I bring in connections)? Mr Sun may or may not be right in his conclusion but he appears to be on the right track. The idea behind your thread in question and the present one is confusing; not clear!
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    Mr. Saji Ganesh: You are a very intelligent, efficient and experienced Lead Editor of ISC. There is no doubt about it. Please read the locked thread very carefully and let me know whether I had mentioned anything about shortening of name, directly or indirectly?

    The locked thread started with a pronoun "He". I have been planning/experimenting to develop a new style of writing with pronouns. You interpreted that I had been talking about a particular Member who many of the Members don't like. So some of the Members jumped to the opportunity to berate him and ultimately took the discussion to a different direction.

    This is the bitter truth!

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I will be totally honest here - yes, I did take your thread off-track. It is just that I have been completely unsettled and feeling totally upset by the various forms of address that are sprouting up in the forum (the forum was once a beautiful flowering garden; it is becoming much too muddy and murky now.) Since it so happened that it sprung up yet again in your thread, I instinctively put in that request in your thread and also mentioned the other aspect, that of shortening of names. I should have raised a separate thread of it. Sorry for that diversion.

    Note, though, that the thread was locked not just simply because of it was going off-track. As has been mentioned a few times, we sometimes discuss with the team and take a call on locking a thread early. Let's please leave it that.

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    To be honest, I thought that thread was autobiographical in nature. It was only when other members butted in, with their views, did I look at it from a different angle.

    Vandana states that the forum is becoming 'muddy and murky'. There is always a reason why things happen. We reap what we sow. No offence meant here, but it does irk members when your (editorial team's) deviations are not treated in the same manner as posts of ordinary members. You may call it perks of the position, but I can look at it as misuse of power. Discord is created by actions or rather by their absence. If the garden is well-maintained by the caretakers then flowers will bloom.

    This is not an attack, just an insight to the way, I, as a member view the happenings on ISC.

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    Ms Vandana,
    Need not worry ISC going muddy and murky. A good garden becomes muddy and murky due to good showers. Here, at ISC, the rain shower is the fact that is being brought out by the members. With such good showers, the ISC garden becomes muddy and murky to have the best garden with the flowering of new and fresh flowers to enjoy.

    I like to see the ISC garden becoming muddy and murky occasionally for the betterment.

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    I am sorry Partha, I don't think I am "Mr. Saji Ganesh: You are a very intelligent, efficient and experienced Lead Editor of ISC. There is no doubt about it." as you suggested. But, I do understand and try to judge positively and you do know that. Just go through the responses posted and evaluate whether I am the only intelligent member here. I have already said what I wanted to.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Sincerely have not understood the head or tail of the response (#602562)! Why do the intelligent people talk in such a language which we, the mango-people, don't understand? Is it to hide their mistake?

    Shame! Partha! Shame! What are you saying? Can intelligent people make mistake?

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    I do fully understand what Madam Vandana said and what Madam Juana said. But I too haven't understood what Mr. Saji Ganesh has said referring Juana's response quoting Vandana's response. Mr. Editor has really confused the members through his response #602562.

    What is exactly happening at ISC?( I repeat) What is exactly happening at ISC?

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