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    Social media makes the world- Bigger or Smaller?

    Before the arrival of social media sites, the means of communication and exposure to the outside world were extremely different. But now everything has changed and the social media has become a part and parcel of our daily life. Social media is a platform for all the people irrespective of gender, caste, religion and nationality. The social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become a powerful and effective means of communication because it is a global medium and in such sites people have freedom to express their thoughts. Social media provides instant updates to the people about the happenings in the world. A lot of discussions and arguments on social, political and economic issues are frequently addressed in that platform. The social media have both advantages and disadvantages. But after the entry of social media channels, the face to face communication and live interaction with the people got reduced, the youngsters are highly addicted to it, the SMS languages, emojis and stickers used in such channels leads a lack of emotional connection, the social skills of a person is getting reduced and most importantly the people spend more time in the virtual world than the real world.

    A coin has two sides; similarly social media also have two faces. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Considering all the aspects of social media, share your opinion whether social media makes the world- Bigger or Smaller.
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    With exposure in Social media we are getting immensely benefited as within seconds our friends and relatives are knowing our achievements, problems. activities and position for the day and thus there is inclusive sharing of information through social media. The best example I want to give that one of my friend who fixed the marriage outskirts of the city has realized the transport problem for the invitees and changed the venue at last minute and flashed the message in social media. Thus every one came to the new venue and even appreciated the last minute changes as they would have dropped witnessing marriage had this happened in old venue. Likewise those who are alumni of school and colleges are forming as the group and exchanging their education notes even in higher studies. That is the power of social media in positive way.
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    It is true that social media has many advantages but as the author mentioned, it is having adverse effects on our social skills. The various social sites are seriously very addictive; these days people get more pleasure in chatting on these sites than communicating face to face. People even get anxious when they are not able to open their Facebook profile for a while. The social skills are getting worse day by day. We chat online very confidently but when it comes to daily life conversations, we feel a bit weird and nervous.
    So, like every other thing, it has both advantages and disadvantages; one must be wise enough to distinguish the two. In life, the most important thing is balance; if you chat on a social site for sometime, don't forget to go out and have some real life conversations.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Social media has done some remarkable paradigm changes in the world. First thing is it has dissolved the nation boundaries and people from different nations and religions are chatting or discussing issues on a common platform.

    Another thing is a common man has got a place where he can tell his feelings about every issue and can make a place for him there. The world has been virtually copressed on ones palm or desktop.

    A time is going to come when most of your jobs will be done online only and you will have to search a reason to go out of your premises.

    This new world may look strange to some people but we will have to find our identity in this strangeness only till another social revolution takes place.

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    I'm in disagreement with others. I think social media actually improves one's language. Well that's what happened in my case. We talk a lot now than we used to do before because of the advent of social media. And I don't think sms language has much to do with your diminishing vocabulary. In fact the more you talk and listen the more words you'll know.
    As one of the responses mentioned, national boundaries have been dissolved now. I've got many foreign friends on Facebook.
    Facebook for an instance introduces you to new worlds and people.
    You can interact and learn a lot.
    I think social media actually magnified the pre-existing world. It brought us all together to tell us how big our world really is. Social media is also a very good source of information.

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    Global village concept has really come with social media emergence. It is helping to get connected with many of our unknown relatives. Similarly we are able to trace our school days friends and college days friends. Here if we are really interested to have a human touch we have to develop our contact by getting their phone numbers and talking to them. If possible try to have a personal meeting and revive our contacts. Up to this point social media is good.
    But certain sections of people are trying to misuse this social media and creating lot of problems. The user should have the understanding of how to get benefitted with this. As mentioned by the author all coins will have two sides. It is you to choose.
    Many advantages are there and some disadvantages are there. So I feel social media overall is a good tool to develop contacts and knowledge.

    always confident

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