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    Slippery slope Government: Solution is not a wisdom

    Not to include the income tax and GST. We have many outstanding taxes which I don't feel like mentioning in here since I live in Nagaland. As a daily wage earner, should I have to pay to earn my living?

    No, this isn't fair. This is a slippery slope.

    Will you pay for your workers or not? I am an Indian. My face is my permit. Why do I need additional ID card or permit card to work.

    If yes, how do they have this jurisdiction?

    Who are they that someone should need a permit from them to work for a living?
    They call themselves the Government. But do they know the responsibilities of a government towards the people?

    They collect taxes. But what do they do for the tax payers?

    Is there any road or public facility built by this so called "government"?
    Do we just go on giving in, just for fear of unsolicited repercussions?

    Can you explain and discuss in brief about the two boards of Government in India, Nagaland.
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    Government is collecting tax, issuing licences, issuing and demanding identity cards or identity proof and everything like that. Govt is also doing lot of things for the citizens which can not be listed here.

    The problem is face of Govt down below which is distorted by the intermediate machinery. The inspectors, executives, administrators etc etc are not able to properly deliver the benefits to the public. You can call it a wide corruption also.

    This in between machinery is filled with people from among us only. They are not from outside countries.

    The problem is governance. Honest and fair governance is required to eradicate the evils as illustrated in your thread.

    You have brought out a serious concern and the new Govt in centre is trying to achieve the benchmark you have indicated.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I can understand the frustration and agony of the author as regards to his and others living in the Hilly states which does not have basic facilities and yet the taxes are collected and no developmental work done. It is the duty of state and central government when they formulate a scheme or rule, the benefits must reach the persons. But often the central government brings good schemes but the state government being if different party , wont complete the scheme and thus even the CIG report submitted for ever state government do criticize the laxity on their part and why the benefits are not reaching to the beneficiary. Now a days every tax payer has the right to know where his money is going and how it is spent. By lodging a RTI application, the government is bound to give the details to every complainant.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree. We need an ID card or work permit if you are a daily wage earner. Check out some of my articles to get insight about non-nagas. I am extremely sorry. Your mom is a Naga which doesn't mean you're a Naga too. Your dad is a Non Naga, and there are some restrictions put forward for Non Nagas by State Government of Nagaland.

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    Dear Elipes,

    My Mom's is Naga but my Dad was Non-Naga. What you mean by that? This isnt fair. You need to understand my situation since I am amidst Naga and NonNaga.

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    This is a news to me. I never know that a worker has to have a work permit. It is very unreasonable. In andhra pradesh and telangana this system is not there. There are many agricultural labour working for their breadwinning as daily wagers. They don't have any such requirement of permit card. All are Indians only. Like GST. one nation, one rule must be implemented. Central Government should think of this and bring in an act.
    Otherwise it will be a big agony for the person.
    The person has to make rounds to get any work done in government offices. All those days this person will not have his daily wage. He has to spend money for going to the office and if required bribes. Very unfair.
    One Country One rule should come.

    always confident

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    We have two three governments: Central, State and Factions. If we have to earn our living, we have to abide the rules of these governments. The Central and State is not creating this issue but the other. Even a PAN shopkeeper has to pay 800 to 1000 a month along with many addition taxes. Under the circumstances, they are not sparing even the daily wage earners by asking them to apply for work permit card to earn a living.

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