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    When you happen to cross those who hurt you, just smile and move away. They feel the pain.

    Often we cannot overtake others with talks or convincing some people who has the knack of cornering others with facts and figures and some time they may hurt with abuse and even fist cuffs. But when you happen to pass through such person, never retaliate, instead give a broad smile and just move away. The pain that would be felt by the person would be immense and he is bound to make a come back to you and seek apology. And if a person seek the pardon, then that is the end of his egoistic character.
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    There are people who will never be convinced by us even in the most knowledgeable or respectful ways. Instead of convincing they will try to fight and even start abusing.

    There is no point in fighting with them because it will only give them opportunity to show their ego and excited behavior.

    It is very rightly brought out in the thread the way to deal with such loafers. If you just pass a smile, laugh in a friendly manner and ignore them so majestically and then leave the place, they will be shocked to see their house of cards coming down so early. That is the best treatment for them.

    I congratulate the author to bring out such nice thread.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When ,we help some people ,they take it granted.They have no morals to show gratitude.But ,they dominate and show their rights to want more and more help.They create some situations to drag our legs.They tell about their sides,why they are asking these.They do n't listen any thing ,that have no rights to get these grants.I pray God ,Please save these types of people.These types of people are n't helpful for us.They are the people ,who wants to demand this and that without fulfilling any duties towards their sides.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    A very good thread by K.Mohan. There are people who hurt our feelings without any reason. When we are trying to make a point for note during the course of discussion in a meeting many people acknowledge our point and efforts. But some people who don't want anybody except himself to get noticed will try to hurt us. We should not worry. We can leave his comments as if we have not noticed. Afterwards behave with him normally. Smile at him and say hi. It elevates your personality and nothing to lose.
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    There are people who get solace on our having challenging period in life and they enjoy every moment of our sufferings.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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