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    "Is GST on aids used by disabled persons justified?"

    The Government has announced GST rates varying from 5% to 18% on various aids used by the disabled persons. Wheelchairs and other items which help the disabled to move about are taxed at 5%. Hearing aids, Braille paper are taxed at 12%.The Braille typewriters are taxed at 18%. As all of us know that these are the essential aids for them to move about, hear and communicate. Many petitions and meetings with the Finance Minister to change the GST on these items to 0% by the disabled persons did not yield any positive result. Abolishing all sorts of taxes on aids and accessories used by these " Divyangs" is the minimum the Government can do to help them. Hope better judgement will prevail over the requests by the disabled to the Government in the next "GST Council Meeting."
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    What I feel that the committee which has been constituted by the government to meet regularly and give feed back items to be taxed and what to be taxed might probably forgotten the aids used by the disabled. On the one hand this government is giving much priorities to the Divyang persons and other differently able persons, on the other hand heavily taxing their aids is not justifiable at all. By the way when a big decision is taken there are going to be some teething problems and this one is also in the same list. Surely the Minister concerned and the Finance Minister must address this issue and take action.
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    It is not correct to have higher taxes on the aids for differently able persons. Government should think about this and do some amendment.
    I have no idea about the tax percentage on these items as per the earlier system of taxation. If it is more than what it is in GST, we can understand to some extent But if it is increased with GST it should be made zero ommediately

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    There are large number of items which are used by the poor, handicapped or other mentally or physically incapable persons. Govt committee has got a herculean task in categorising these items and to decide the ones on which GST should be minimum. A lot of items have been already exempted and now more items some of which are mentioned by the author are under consideration.

    The problem is it will take time to establish the GST regime and shopkeepers has to pass on the benefit if any to the customer. That is the very important part.

    There is a big rumoir or myth in the public about GST that all items will be costing more in this new regime. It is absolutely a bogus message going in the media.

    When GST is introduced all other taxes are abolished so what customer is liable to pay is only the difference which in case of exempted items comes on negative side so customer should get the advantage. This has to come honestly from the retailers.

    Today I have gone to a deptt store which has a computerised system on the payment counter and I found that the prices are same as last month and they have shown GST including in those prices which is very fair but may be prices are still lower, I have no means to find that.

    I have paid Rs 1280 for various household items and out of that GST is merely Rs 80 which they will be depositing in Govt account. Now this comes to about 6-7% only.

    So where is the rumoured figure of 18% on everything and this practical 6-7% ?

    If retailers and shopkeepers are honest some items should be cheaper.

    Anyway I hope that the items mentioned by author will be under exemption or low percentage very soon.

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    Most of the aids to the disabled persons are issued by the government free of cost. There are many organisations to care the disabled. There are many people who being normal are disabled due to their heavy weight and size who need a wheel chair to convey themselves. I am sure, our government will reconsider this issue after a review. GST is like a new born child. This child will grow well by overcoming the deficiencies/disabilities observed.
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