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    Ribbons are more luckier than human beings

    [This story wins the second prize for the contest]

    Before my journey started to enjoy the beauty of world, I was kept as a roll in a shop situated in the heart of the town. We were beautifully arranged in the shop racks. I was not alone there. Many of my friends were sitting next to me. We had beautiful colors. Not all people, only the women and girl kids loved us. Do you know what people call us? They called us as Ribbons. We were so happy to have a common name. We enjoyed people calling us as ribbon even though we were of different material and color. Together we always say we are proud to be the strong ribbon family. We know everything about the shop but we do not know much about the outside things.

    Every year during the school opening, kids and parents will buy new uniforms. In some schools, along with the uniform, ribbon is a must. So one day, before the opening of school, a kid came with her mother to the shop to buy ribbon. We heard her mother telling the shopkeeper to take the orange ribbon from the rack. The shopkeeper cut the ribbon to the required size of the kid. The mother paid the amount and took the ribbon. We all said bye to our dear friend. Here is the journey of an orange ribbon to enjoy the beautiful world.

    On the day of school opening, the little girl tied the ribbon to her hair and started the journey to school with her bags. The orange ribbon was very happy to see the surroundings. The little girl's home was on the banks of a river and so she had to cross the hanging bridge to reach the road. On the way, the orange ribbon was so happy to enjoy the cool breeze of wind. It was the first time; the orange ribbon was enjoying nature's cool air. It was so excited to see the coconut trees lined up on the banks of the river. On the other side were some fishermen trying to sell fresh fishes. The little girl reached the junction and was waiting with her other friends for the school bus. The orange ribbon was so happy to see same color ribbon on other girl's hair. Some were kept tightly to the hair while others were simply kept as hair bows. All were dancing when the wind blows. They all had an enjoyable moment in the bus as they were able to see lots of other vehicles, houses, trees and plants. The orange ribbon and friends were seeing for the first time the huge traffic block in the main junction. They were amazed at the traffic skills of all drivers.

    After reaching school, the orange ribbon was amazed to look at the school surroundings. It was very neat and there were no loud noises at all. Inside the classroom, the orange ribbon got chance to listen to different subjects and enjoy kids jokes. The ribbon felt sleepy after listening to some boring classes. After looking at the kids in the classroom, the orange ribbon felt very sad. When the school hours were over, the orange ribbon was very happy along with the little girl to return home. On their way back, the ribbon enjoyed the heavy rush in the bus. It was even happy to listen to the words of fellow passengers.

    After the whole day's travel, the ribbon was tired and was getting ready for taking a nap. Meanwhile it was watching the little girl, who was opening her school bag and taking the books to complete the home work and studies. After seeing this, the little ribbon closed the eyes and whispered "I can simply sit and watch anything. Thank you God for creating me as a ribbon".

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    The journey of the ribbon on the head of a little school going girl was well narrated and it is the fact that small kids going for the school for the first time are very particular about the ribbon and the knot. The knot should not disband till the evening they return to the home. Moreover when assembly is held and when all children are standing for the prayers in a row especially the girl children sporting with ribbons on their hair would give a great look from the stage and thus the feeling is great for even the children. Overall I enjoyed the narration set out by the author and reminded me of my daughter who used to be fond of her ribbons in blue and red colors.
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    Asha Kurian has narrated the story in a very nice way. Ribbon is enjoying the day and taking sufficient rest. But the little girl after having a hectic day in the school has to work after coming back for extra hours for completing her tasks. In that context may be it is true that ribbons are lucky than human beings. Otherwise the ribbon will have a monotony in its life period. Same person, same house and same journey daily. But the human being can have varieties of ribbons and varieties of events.
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