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    Narendra Modi's historic Israel visit

    At last the historic visit has commenced! Despite repeated opposition to this visit by the liberal and secular intelligentsia of the country, India's Prime Minister's state visit to Israel has been succeful. Narendra Modi received warm and cordial welcome from Benjamin Netanyahu, his Israeli counterpart.

    India and Israel signed many agreements regarding cooperation in various fields like military, agriculture, combating terrorism, etc. The three issues are extremely important for India because Israel is known for military technology and scientific agricultural practices. So far as combating terrorism is concerned, both the countries have been suffering from same type of religious terrorism. In fact very few Indians know that Benjamin Netanyahu's own brother Yonatan Netanyahu was a member of the Israeli commando team which attacked the Palestinian terrorists at Uganda who hijacked a Israeli plane in close co-operation with Idi Amin and many other Arab leaders. The operation is one of the most famous anti-terror operations of the world and is famous as Operation Thunderbolt. All students of International Terrorism of the world have to study the Operation. The operation was successful, but Yonathan died during the last phase of the operation (1976).

    I sincerely and fervently hope that India-Israel co-operation grows rapidly for the benefit of both the countries.
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    What I feel that a new chapter has began with Israel and India coming to the terms in many issues and the equation of friendship between the two countries also increased with the goodwill visit of our PM Modi to that country. The main reason for the progress of US is Israel and if India ties up with that country in future we will be benefited with new technology on water resources and many other things. The welcome accorded by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proved that Israel was yearning for friendship with India since many years and the real action took place now.
    K Mohan
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    Other than the fact that Sri Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel, what is so historic about it? I don't think we need to discard the past (let us be aware of our continuing relation with Israel) with the intention of creating History!
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    Yes, I was planning to start a separate thread on the old and faulty foreign policy initiated by Nehru. Hasn't the time arrived to judge what have we got in exchange our complete, unconditional support to Palestine since 1948? Did any Islamic country help us during wars with Pakistan? No.

    On the other hand, Israel always helped us (secretly) during trying times, although we always berated Israel.

    So, time has come to proudly declare 'I for I' (India for Israel).

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    Now we cannot riducule Nehru's policy as it helped immensly for India to maintain friendship with many countries and helped to avoid unnecessary wars with other countries in the past. Leaders throuhout the world praised this policy which help to maintain peace and harmony. It is atime tested policy. Now India is interested to make friend ship with Israel because war clouds are hanging around India. Friendship with Israel will help us to get modern highly sophisticated war weapons easily and Israel is interested in it as it get benefit through this business.

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    Israel is a very advanced country in many areas and India can definitely take advantage from the cordial visit of honrable PM.

    The cooperation in the field of agriculture, technology and military areas are going to be the main theme during this visit. The respect and honor which Israel is bestowing upon him is really spectacular and so far no prime minister has achieved this type of welcome.

    Israel is surrounded by enemies from all sides but it is giving tough time to all of them. It's army acumanship and ambush and relief techniques are well known in the world and even US takes cognizance of them.

    Good relations with Israel will be a gain for India economically and strategically. In this reference the visit of PM to Israel is very very important.

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    Mr. Kambhampati: Please give to-the-point answer. What benefit have we got by supporting Palestine? Answer this specific question.

    BJP has been propagating good relationship with Israel for at least 20 years.

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    In 1949 India under Nehru voted against the resolution for admission of Israel to UN. Out of 12 nations voting against the historic motion, 10 were Islamic. countries.
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    Definitely it is a welcome move. Israel is having very well advanced technologies for military weapons. I know many items which they make for the safety of their country. I can't name them here. DRDO is taking technology from Israel for some of the weapon systems. keep politics aside. A good relation with that country will give us lot of inputs for defence technology development. So it is good to have good relations with them. PM of this country visiting that country will bring in more harmony between research institutes of both the countries. That will give a good boost to our scientific and technological development. Definitely things are going on in right direction.
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    The diplomatic relations between two countries never remain static. They change from time to time depending upon many factors like global situation, political considerations. In the changing circumstances, the equation between two countries also change. The relationship maintained previously cannot be termed as incorrect depending on the present situation. This applies to India and Israel now. India officially recognised Israel on 17-09-1950. The relation between the two countries remained formal until 1992. Diplomatic relations were established in 1992 after which the relationship between the two countries improved.
    The visit of Modi is the first ever by a Prime Minister of India and this certainly is going to improve the cooperation between the two countries. The policy of the Indian Government is always to support the cause of Palestinian while maintaining good relations with Israel. Isreal is one of the biggest suppliers of defence requirements of India and there is no surprise that Our Prime Minister is given a red carpet welcome by Israel.

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    There was a joke going round in social media that the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed our Indian Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi with open 'arms". No doubt about it. The reception was exceptional as the Israel PM has set aside the protocol and welcome our PM on his own. What I am insisting here that Israel has lots of new arms and it is trying to sell to India and also giving expertise to our Defence establishments. Having sore relations with Pakistan, India is now forced to think of having new arms for our Armed forces and this is the time Israel can play big role in en-cashing the orders.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What I intend to reply Partha was given by Mr. KVRR with the same words. The policy what we followed is best for that times. Previously India used to be a great friend of USSR but at present we are behind USA for our present needs. So we cannot say the broad policy followed by Nehru at that time is worked against India.

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    "So we cannot say the broad policy followed by Nehru at that time is worked against India."-Then what happened in 1948 and 1962? Why Aksai Chin and Upper Lahoul are with China? Who is responsible for this loss of territory? Who is responsible for Article 370 for which we are facing so much problems?

    Objective analysis is always necessary.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    The answer to the question is in my previous response. One should not try to relate the happenings of more than 50 years back to the present situation. It is said that " History is the sum total of mistakes committed". If I remember what I read correctly this was said by Winston Churchill. The decisions taken by the present Government may prove to be wrong at a later stage. Any Government takes decisions depending upon their policy and political considerations of the time. The future can only tell whether they are right or wrong.
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    And we study History and analyse Historical events not to repeat these mistakes.
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    The history is for learning our mistakes and to take corrective measures. It is not wise to go on putting the blame on someone and try to defame. We have to learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future. This applies to our lives also. Brooding over the past too much may result in missing good opportunities in the present and future.
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    Though small in size, Israel is a very powerful nation. India is a country that wants to go well with all the countries including Pakistan and China, our nearest and dearest enemies. There is nothing wrong if our PM visits the country to improve our relationship. Israel will be very helpful militarily. Modi is doing his best to have better relationship with world countries. That's what required.
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    Not only defence technology and weapon system, co-operation with Israel will definitely help India in desart agriculture, agriculture in so-called barren land and water management. We can also get the technology of converting saline water to drinking water from Israel. And Israel is No. 1 in anti-terror operation. Information sharing, training and day-to-day co-operation (in various aspects) with Mossad and Shin Bet would definitely help Indian intelligence agencies.
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    No one questions the mutual benefits of cooperation between the two countries. India will gain in immensely in agriculture and water management systems. The sharing of information about terror organisations and their plans will be an added advantage to India. Isreal benefits immensely by the sale of defence requirements of Indian Armed Forces. There is also some emotional feelings of togetherness as Israel was time and again threatened by some countries to wipe it off from the world map. A gesture of friendship always welcome for any country like Israel.
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