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    Why Chinese media is so much aggressive on India?

    Day by day Chinese media is becoming more aggressive towards India. Everyone in this world knows how China is behaving with its neighbours but no one was able to contain China's aggressiveness properly. With this, China thought it has become a super power. When India could restrain its actions, it is not able to tolerate India's resistance and through its media it is trying to control India. We know that both China and India can't afford a war as both are fully involved in their economic developments. Is China trying to contain India just by words? Why Chinese media is so much aggressive on India?
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    I agree that both the countries can't afford a war. If war happens both the countries will lose time and energy in that and development will take a back seat. China is trying to provoke Pakistan by telling that it will extend support for them. So always India is to have a watch on Pakistan and their efforts in development will slow down. But China will not have any loss. In fact it is gain for it in getting good amount of business from Pakistan. So to send its signals to Pakistan that we are always against India they are doing all these gimmicks, I think.
    Keeping this in mind only India is also trying to send signals to China that they will get lot of support from other countries in case of war with pakistan.
    Indian government should take a bold step by introducing heavy import tax for goods imported from China to discourage Indians purchasing China goods . Then the business of their products in our country will definitely come down.. This will really give a heavy set back to China in their economical status. Them only they will come round and stop this words.

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    All these years countries abetting India and elsewhere under the impression that China has supremacy in Asia by virtue of their population and over all development and India ranks second. But ever since PM Modi has taken over the affairs, the foreign policy of India has been changed and our PM is busy getting the support and forging alliance with many countries trade wise and thus China got jittery over these happenings. The surgical strike by India which caught off guard and China cannot retaliate immediately as their intelligence failed to know the plans of India which under took all of the sudden operation and even Pakistan and the world was stunned. And the recent progress of India space wise has irked the Chinese too much and thus they want to create some problem or the other through their Army intrusions and even that was foiled.
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