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    Incorrect Citizenship entry in Neet form

    Sri Chaitanya filled the Neet exam form on my daughter's behalf. They asked for students Aadhar card and assumed that she is an Indian and filled the Nationality field accordingly.
    I realized the error the next day and filed a grievance to correct it. I filed 2 more grievances during the Neet correction window. Neet repeated the same answer that "this will not change the candidacy or merit" of the student.

    Now that I am going to NEET counseling, what do you suggest I do?
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    Mr. Narayana Pidugu,
    Confused. What are you and your nationality? Who is your daughter and what is her nationality? Who is Sri Chaitanya and what is his nationality? What is the error committed? Please make it clear.

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    My Daughter is an US Citizen. She is an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card holder.
    She studied XII at Sri Chaitanya. They filled the NEET forms for all the students. The Error was she was declared as "Indian" and not "OCI".

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    If your daughter is US citizen and is having a OCI card then using the OCI card she can appear in examination in India.

    While filling the form - US citizen with OCI card - should have been mentioned. Still, there is no harm done as at the time of counselling this fact can be told so that they can correct in their record. If your mention of citizenship is not related to anything in their records they will ignore it but you must insist for the correction because later on while getting certificate from them the correct nationality and status should be given by them.

    The persons taking counselling may not be aware of these administrative things so you must insist for correction.

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    You have made such a mistake which (as far as I know) can't be rectified. However, you may try to contact the examination-conducting body telephonically.
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    Mr. Narayana Pidugu,
    How did you get an Aadhaar card for your daughter being an US citizen. Does our government issue Aadhar card for foreign citizens and OCIs ?

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    Yes it does. We submitted her OCI card for her identity and DOB proof.

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    Here is an excerpt from the google search:
    Aadhar cards are of all residents ,every individual above 15 years of age,including NRIs,and foreigners residing in INDIA can apply for Aadhar Card. ... There is no online process by which and OCI and POI can apply for Aadhar card. They need to come to India and be present in the center physically.

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    Narayana Pidugu,
    You shared a valuable information that I/we were not aware. My best wishes for your daughter to be successful with the NEET.

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    From this sharing of the author it is quite clear that when we are about to fill any form for exam or entrance exam, all the details must be read and satisfied before submitting and this is one more case of laxity on the part of student, parent and above all the college which has not gone through the status of the parents and their child studying in the college. Normally once given details changing in the NEET is not possible as there is no backward enable key given there in and more over when the exam and results are announced it will be turf time to convince at the counselling center and you must have all the details to prove your innocence.
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